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MoCo passes CROWN Act to fight against hair discrimination

Feileen Li, News Writer

February 26, 2020

As of November, Montgomery County has become the first municipality in the country to pass the CROWN Act, which prohibits hairstyle discrimination in employment, housing, taxi service and other public accommodations. A person...

B&G: Is the iPhone 11 or the Pixel 4 better? Or neither?

Athira Nair, Brennan Rose, and Eric Yi

February 25, 2020

Last fall, two major phone companies, Apple and Google, release a new flagship phone: the iPhone 11 and the Pixel 4 respectively. Which phone is the superior flagship phone? Are either of these phones worth the high price tag?

Every other Tuesday, students gather in room 253 to discuss stress and share advice.

BHip Club relieves stress

December 10, 2019

Student Retail Workers Give Black Friday Advice

Rosemary Yang, Emily Huang, Sydney Weiss, Allison Howlett, and Maria Alba

December 8, 2019

Lexy Silverstein Senior, South Moon Under What are some of the unique sales for South Moon Under? “There’s an extra 40% off all sales in store and online, and when you buy more, you save more. Especially for Blac...

The Tide’s Guide to Thanksgiving

Rachel Freedman, Megan Harrington, Kevin Hrozencik, and Nikki Shah

December 8, 2019

Albaugh's Mac and Cheese When it comes to Thanksgiving foods, what’s better than mac and cheese? For years, Mr. Albaugh has relied on a famous mac and cheese recipe. “Basically, this was the first real meal that I learned to a...

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