QOTM: If you could have Thanksgiving dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Ada Fiala, Features Writer

Lucy Boyce, freshman: Probably Jane Austen. I just feel like Jane Austen died too young and I want to see what she would’ve written. So, I just think, I’d just be like, “sit, and then write me a new book,” and then I get to publish it and make all the money.

Shreyas Pant, senior: My grandmother. She’s like 86, but she’s in Nepal, and she has a fear of flight, so I haven’t seen her in maybe 10 years.

Jay Savukynas, sophomore: I would like to spend Thanksgiving dinner with Emperor Hirohito. I think he’s a very smart and cultured man and I’m sure that I would love to eat dinner with him.

Matthew Gu, freshman: I would have a Thanksgiving dinner with Gordon Ramsay because at least the food would be good.

Kyra Chassaing, sophomore: Bill Nye. Because he’s cool, he’s a legend!

Nicole Eisner, senior: For next year in college, I’d invite all my friends because we’re not going to see each other for like three months, so it’d be fun to have everyone there.

Lauren Payne, junior: I would have Thanksgiving dinner with Toni Morrison. We read her book in English this year called “Song of Solomon” and we’re watching a documentary about her and I just think she would be a really interesting person to sit down with and talk.

Rina Levy, senior: The Obamas. I think that would be really fun. They’d be really interesting and I think they’d probably have some really good stories to share.

Gwen Taylor, freshman: Cotton Eye Joe. I want to see where he went.

Katherine Chiao, junior: My family because I feel like they’re such an important part of my life that I should be able to share such an important holiday with and I don’t think there’s anyone else that’s that important.

Maria Rodriguez, senior: Probably like my whole family because a lot of my family doesn’t live in Maryland, so it’d be cool to be able to have everyone together.