Senior Reflection: Rakan MardamBey


Courtesy of 2022 Yearbook

Rakan MardamBey reflects on his growth throughout his four-year high school experience.

My first month of high school resulted in me breaking both my wrists in gym soccer. I looked like a clown. The worst part of it all was when a teacher didn’t excuse any of my work that I missed. I was out a week and since I had two unusable arms it was very hard for me to work, and by then, everything was past deadline and I received no extensions.

But I moved on from that. My expectations for high school were high, when in actuality they should’ve been low. You can do the bare minimum in classes and get at least a C, and teachers wouldn’t care at all. I’m proud of the effort I put in and very proud I made it through quarantine with my head high. There were moments I was down and had little motivation, but I was able to pull it together and finish very strong.

In closing, I would like to thank all the teachers who taught during the pandemic. Not only did students barely have cameras on, but sometimes students forgot that teachers are human too, and have real feelings like everyone else. I for sure have changed over these 4 years, not only physically but mentally. I feel much sharper, although senioritis took over this year; I feel very prepared for college. Quarantine was one hell of an experience and I’m proud of everyone who got through it.