Senior Wills 2022


Graphic by Julianne Cruz

Natalie Weger and Shuxin Dai

Every year, the Centerspread Editors ask graduating seniors to write a “will” dedicating the past 4 years to any friends, teachers, reflect on special moments/memories, or give advice to younger grades. Here is what some had to say:

Make the time you have in high school memorable, go to all the events you can even if they seem lame because I feel the best high school experience is making connections with many different types of people with different interests, that’s what made me find my place and happiness.  –Isaiah McGowan

Whats up guys its me markiplier. Today ill be playing the game of life. Hopefully it won’t suck. Some advice I’d say is don’t even buy the game… of life. Egh….. –Kai Ghebrehiwet 

I love you RM Softball <3 –Natalie Weger

To my new drivers: don’t pull up in a big Ford F-150 pick up truck if u cant reverse park in the student lot to save ur life. –Gigi Hussain 

Firstly, it’s never too late to find your crowd. I highly recommend joining Black Maskers for a massive advantage in finding amazing people. Secondly, do not see this time as just a stepping stone to college. College admissions are fickle and unpredictable, so do your best to enjoy your time here. Thirdly, if you don’t look back and cringe at yourself you’re doing it wrong! –Johnny Newhouse

I challenge the students to get out of their  comfort zone and meet people who are different than themselves. So they can gain different perspectives of life, as humans we can get so wrapped up in our own way of thinking. Also stop being so emotionally driven we are young and don’t have to make life harder on ourselves because of permanent decisions we make with temporary feelings. –Jocelyn Leal 

If you’re gonna skip class, don’t sit it in the bathrooms. They’re really dirty. Go to TC. It’s a 10 min walk.  –Lorena Nyambal 

To my incoming freshmen: Don’t choose the third floor as your lunch spot unless you want to go up those stairs for the next four years. –Victoria Rivas Z

To the freshmen: Keep your head down. –John Doe  

Please learn how to park properly. –Jodie Ye 

Don’t walk slow in the hallways and don’t sit on the nasty bathroom floors, it’s gross. –Lilli Ratnavale 

Do every single assignment on time. I started turning in them late beginning of the year and haven’t looked back since. –Sara Hussain 

Keep the traditions alive, never miss going to the hot tub on the roof the night before graduation.  –Kira Miller 

People can tell you “no” 1000x, but whether or not you listen is a different story. Now go rewrite the stars- the world won’t wait for you <3 –Carolyn Lee

Don’t do your homework… it’s not worth it.  –Christina DeFiore 

Honking at random people in the parking lot is a great way to make friends.  –Lindsay Maggio 

Shoutout Colin Dunn for teaching me about exit velos. –Ava Lunenfeld 

Don’t put your personal email on the SAT. Make a spam email account. Your inbox WILL be flooded with random college emails. –Gabrielle Hester

Make sure to make fun of Nate Peschin. –Mason Hirshfeld 

Everyone feels at some point or other that they’re not good enough to try or be something. My favorite cliché is “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” and when I started taking this to heart, I learned that I was both “good enough” exactly as I was and that I did have what it takes to pursue new opportunities. We all do. So never take yourself out of the running, you’ve got this! –Lulu August 

If you feel sad just play tennis. –Anbo Li

Thank you for everyone who has supported me and helped me through my journey at RM. I didn’t come with friends already made, but the people here are so kind, they helped me fit in right away. There was never a dull moment. Thank you and thank you Mom and Dad for your support and I love you all.  If I had to give support to any who read this, it would be to be who you truly are. Also I love you sis! –Amanda Easterling 

Life is unpredictable, not everything is in our control but as long as you’re surrounded by the right people you can handle anything. Also do your college apps and EE the summer before your senior year lol. –Lucas Corea 

If you’re reading this, I am either dead or have graduated; it’s honestly the same thing. All I’m gonna say is PLEASE WALK ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HALLWAY! –Iru Munasinghe 

To everyone: Stop worrying about trying to prove yourself to colleges, teachers, family, or classmates. It’s exhausting. You’re already enough, so let yourself breathe. –Myka Fromm

To every single RM student: join wrestling. –Eliana Mazin 

To everyone: always put yourself first, always look out for yourself because not everyone is going to be in your best interest.  –Alyssa Bottenfield

To Students within Choir: I hope that after I leave that the RMHS choir continues to grow and do wonderful things, and be an overall good experience for you as you grow and develop. –Kimberly Easterling 

Make sure to enjoy it all, the bells , the music, the running to be on time to class. It goes by so fast it almost doesn’t feel real. I’m sure you’ll love the future, but make sure to enjoy the now. –Aaron Oginni 

Set your goals to its highest, and when you start losing hope. Remember why you started. –Dillan Brock Jr

Do NOT procrastinate. –Joyce Yam

Do not procrastinate. It will kill you. –Chloe Dondon

Relationships aren’t that serious and study before it’s to and be involved in school activities. –Yitzel Cobham 

Make time for the things that make you feel whole. High school goes by so fast and you don’t want to look back and have regrets (but also don’t peak in high school either). Do as much as you can, but remember to take care of yourselves <3 –Elizabeth Welbeck 

Experience can form your way of life and character, no matter how bad or good it is, as you grow, you become something more with that experience as it shapes your future. –Josue Villela 

School is about learning, but have fun along the way and make good memories. You only have a year left so make it count. –Eli Heifetz

Go to bed early kids. –Amna Hasni 

Don’t skip just go home 🙂 –Johanna Ramos 

Use the bathroom for the right reasons. –Celeste Cruz 

Yo Bradley go to school.  –Jeremy Bloom 

To my little sister: have fun, study hard, and take care of my club :)) To the underclassmen of track: I love you guys a lot! Remember to keep stretching (THAT MEANS YOU, BRIAN) and always wear your sweatpants! –Kara Venditti 

Make sure to participate as much as you can in school activities! Enjoy every second, even the very stressful one, it goes by too fast! –Helena Schlaudeman 

Don’t eat lunch if you don’t want to. You are your own nutritionist. –Corrigan Peters 

I will going to the lunch time 3 times  –Sebastien Zeineddin

Just cause your friend has a car, doesn’t mean rides are free.  –Adam Owens

Bye bye!!!!! –Cara Moe 


To the upcoming seniors: Don’t let college decisions lower your self worth. They pull names out of a hat anyway. –Michael Koretsky 

Use this time to step outside of your comfort zone (within reason) and discover your interests! You might end up finding a love for debate, sports, drama— just make sure you’re passionate about it. Embrace duality, but also prioritize self care—you’ve got only 24 hours in a day, so plan wisely.  –Sierra Stubbs

Even if you have a license, just pretend you don’t. Save money on a car and just make other people drive you 🙂  –Victoria Koretsky 

To the Tide editors: I can’t put into words how grateful I am for you all. After so, so many mornings in the media center and afternoons in Room 35 laying out pages, we’re almost at the finish line. To the girls tennis team: You’ve all made my second semester of senior year. I feel like a Boomer watching you post on TikTok and get into “altercations” on Instagram, but the strength you’ve displayed during our tough matches inspires me. To any underclassmen: You know those people who seem to share all of your classes with you? You should go and talk to them, walk to class together. You never know. –Victoria Tong 

It’s all a blur of laughter and tears, brilliant success and bitter disappointment. Soak it all in and know that you’re doing just fine.  –Nicole Fang 

Enjoy each tiny ounce of free time you have! What do you really want to remember about high school looking back from 5, 10, 20 years ahead?  –Courtney Kim