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Graphic by Valerie Wang

This new school year year presents its own set of challenges amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Newspaper graphic designed by Valerie Wang.

Dear Tide Readers,

Can you believe it’s already December? For many of us, it feels like quarantine started just yesterday. A lot has changed since our first letter to you all back in September. With the end of 2020 only days away and nearly a semester of online school behind us, we decided to write another letter to address the changes we’re facing together. 

Over the past few months, the Tide has covered a range of important topics and events that have affected the Richard Montgomery community, including the COVID-19 vaccine, SMOB town hall meetings, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Our editors and writers are dedicated to bringing the most relevant and accurate coverage on events of both national and local importance, as well as feature the stories and experiences of students and staff. 

The Tide is determined to bring clarity about the future to the RM community, as uncertain as it may be. Since the start of the school year, Montgomery County’s reopening plan has been a prominent topic of debate within the RM community. With this issue at the forefront of everyone’s minds, our hardworking staff has been tirelessly reporting new developments in the potential reopening plan and its implications on our student body. On Tuesday, Dec. 15, MCPS discussed the possibility of returning to school in February. As this plan develops, the Tide will continue to provide precise, pertinent news coverage to update the community. 

Though maintaining a virtual paper has been challenging, our writers and editors have continued to produce engaging works of journalism that highlight diverse student perspectives. Some of these pieces have had the honor of being featured on Best of SNO, which showcases student work from high school newspapers across the country. Some recently published stories from Tide writers include a feature on an RM student’s pen pal service, coverage of students’ involvement with the Georgia Senate elections, and a review of the newest season of “The Crown.”

Aside from online articles, the Tide has continued to develop our multimedia presence, including our now-online Cartoon Corner and the third season of our podcast, the TidePod. Now more than ever, the need for connection with others is vital, so the Tide has been expanding our social media presence in order to reach more members of the RM community. We also hope to communicate more transparently with students and staff through these letters, which we will continue throughout the school year. 

It has been an incredibly long and grueling year for all of us. With the trying COVID-19 pandemic, tense 2020 presidential election, and resurgence in racial justice movements, to name just a few notable events, our nation and community have changed drastically in ways we could have never envisioned a year ago. As 2020 draws to a close, the Tide will remain dedicated to bringing readers the most recent and important information about our local community. Looking forward to 2021, we hope to share more valuable stories that bring the RM community closer together in the new year. 


Eileen, Grace, and Mary