RM students share what they love

RM students had the opportunity to purchase Singing Valentines for their friends on Feb. 14.
RM students had the opportunity to purchase “Singing Valentines” for their friends on Feb. 14.
Christiana Vucea

From fantasy movies to cultural dishes, RM’s diverse student population celebrates a wide range of interests.

Senior Gabby Mendelsohn cherished her experiences on varsity field hockey and tennis. “I’ll never forget the relationships I’ve made through the programs,” Mendelsohn said. Participating in the sports helped her gain confidence and branch out of her shell as an underclassman. 

Sophomore Cory Breychak’s favorite genres of music are pop and rap, which he originally became interested in during quarantine. “I’d say my favorite artist forever and always is Billie Eilish,” Breychak said. Sophomore Shyla Agrawal also enjoys R&B and listens to artists like Drake, SZA and Frank Ocean. 

Freshman Callie Deng enjoys science, and currently takes Magnet Biology with Mr. Kovacs. “I enjoy science because it’s interesting, and I like labs. It’s a very hands-on class,” she said. She additionally enjoys collaborating with friends to solve problems. 

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RM’s diverse student body is reflected through its appreciation for different cultural food. Sophomore Evyia Makrodimitri’s favorite food is Lubia Polo, a traditional Iranian dish consisting of rice, green beans and beef or lamb. “It has the perfect balance of an acidic taste and saltiness,” Makrodimitri said.

Senior Stanley Xu enjoys attending the fall, spring and winter pep rallies. “They really foster a sense of community, especially with the different grades being there,” Xu said.

The annual One Acts play put on by the Black Maskers is another beloved tradition highly anticipated by students and staff alike. One Acts consists of four student written and directed plays. “It’s my favorite production we put on,” senior Evan Wong said.

Many RM students like to read to alleviate the stress of their course loads. Freshman Sebastian Zembrzuski would consider his favorite genre to be thriller. “I like that they have more plot than horror books,” Zembrzuski said. “They still keep you on the edge of your seat.” 

With Regal Cinemas being a short walk away, diving into a new world on screen is as easy as ever. This is the case for sophomore Maia Inati, who enjoys fantasy. “My favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers because it’s a cinematic experience,” Inati said.


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