The Tide Centerspread Presents: Pickup Lines

Tara Amin, Centerspread Editor

This February, The Tide Centerspread  provides you with the best RM and school-related pickup lines that are bound to swoon anyone into being your valentine. We wish you the best of luck!

Graphic by Evelyn Shue

Are you AP Chemistry? Because you can’t deny our bond.

Are you AP Lit? Because you light my heart on fire.

Are you Main Street? Because you’re the main thing I see.

Are you an angle? Because you’re looking like “acute”-ie.

Are you the International Baccalaureate Program? Because “I” want to “B” with you.

Are you made of copper? Because I can Cu in a relationship with me.

Are you the walk from the portables to the third floor? Because you took my breath away.

Are you Ritchie the Rocket? Because you’re out of this world.

Are you Roy Lester Stadium? Because you light up my night.