B-CC defeats RM 8-2 in pivotal regular season matchup


Danny Martella

Senior Noah Rosier winds up for a pitch against B-CC.

Kenichi Takato, Sports Writer

The RM Varsity baseball team recently lost a hard-fought game at home against a well-built Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS baseball team, 8-2, on Thursday, April 20. The Rockets have played well over the past couple of games starting the season strong with a four-game win streak, but struggled to get the win in this game. 

The first couple of innings were slow for RM. They first started by playing well defensively, by striking out the first couple of B-CC batters and making some flawless catches to get some outs. But with a bobbled ball to get a player out, they let the first point go to BCC.

The baseball team continued to push through and get each other hyped up but failed to get some outs, causing B-CC to run through the bases and eventually lead by 6-0 in the 5th inning. But this slow start didn’t stop the RM spirit of the students, parents, and especially the players. The Rockets kept up with quality pitching and kept their hopes up as they started to get more consecutive strikeouts.

They struggled with the B-CC starting pitcher but with motivation from the whole team, the RM baseball team started to get some hits toward the 7th inning. Aiming towards the left field, RM got its first two points on the board, with hopes still there of a comeback to beat B-CC at home. Unfortunately, B-CC answered back with two more points scored on the board, winning the game by six.

“As hitters, we need to be more aggressive at the plate. We hadn’t made that adjustment until late in the game, which then didn’t give us time to close that gap,” junior left fielder Ryan Kaplan said. “Our rally in the 7th was what we should have been doing the entire game, which would’ve changed today’s outcome.” 

This game puts the RM Varsity baseball team at 5-4 with only a few games in the later weeks left in the regular season before the playoffs. “I noticed that the varsity team had strong relief pitchers and played confidently,” sophomore Jack Suettinger said. “A solid defense that plays conservatively will always do well in the playoffs.” 

Last year the RM Varsity baseball team finished the season 8-8 with an early exit loss to Whitman Vikings losing 8-7. However, the coaches and players keep on working to fix their weaknesses and it has shown in their recent games and athleticism. “After shutting out a team like Whitman [this year], we know we have a legitimate shot of making a playoff run this year,” Kaplan said. 

Even though this loss was a tough one for the Rockets, they are keeping their spirits up hoping to finish the regular season strong before the playoffs, motivating each other through wins and losses. “The energy and motivation this team carries is unique, and shows our devotion and hard work we are putting in this season, “ said Kaplan. 

The Rockets will play the Northwest Jaguars in their next home game on April 28 at 3:45 pm.