Senior Khalid Aljirafi dominates the soccer field on all stages


Danny Martella

Senior Khalid Aljirafi points to the camera scoring an impressive goal.

Amanda Gershoni, Sports Writer

Senior soccer captain Khalid Aljirafi  wrapped up his Rocket career leading his team to the school’s first regional final. Outside of RM soccer, Ajirafi has built an impressive resume for himself. Last summer, he was selected to play with the Saudi Arabian National Team. 

 Throughout his four years at RM, he has proven to be a key member earning the title of one of the leading goal scorers. His efforts on the field greatly contributed to RM’s growing success.  

“Getting that first call for the national team is really monumental because it shows not only my development, but how much I really love the sport of soccer,” Aljirafi said. 

Growing up, Aljirafi could only dream of earning the opportunity to play soccer at the highest level. Getting the call to play on the national team not only marked a new stage in his soccer career but also introduced him to a new level of intense soccer. 

“RM soccer is something I saw as more fun with the guys and hopefully accomplishing something, which we did, we made history,” Ajirafi said. “The national team is different because everyone is there for one job only and everyone is on a curriculum.” 

Last summer, Aljirafi packed his bags and flew to Saudi Arabia to improve his game and play with the best of the best on the national stage.

“It was really professional, not just the fact that I was able to play with pro players but even the hotel I was in with all the players and training sessions, everything was given to us,” Aljirafi said. 

For many teenagers, the idea of flying around the world alone can be very daunting. Even more daunting however, is playing soccer amongst a group of seasoned veterans with international playing experience.

“I was the youngest one there, 17 years old, all these other guys are like 21 years old. I went there telling myself I’m gonna make this team,” Aljirafi said. “I wanted to prove a statement, and even the coaches were surprised at how I was playing at multiple positions as well as being the youngest guy there.” 

Aljirafi’s aspirations to play at the professional level can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. However, with the will to make a mark, Alijrafi has the determination to achieve his goals. 

 “It’s so hard to know my future because you never know if in the next couple days, weeks, or months I get a call,” Aljirafi said. “So it’s really hard to know anything. Committing to a college is on my mind right now and having that set is definitely good because I know in the back of my mind Saudi could have a great future.”