RM community experiences parking lot break-ins


Danny Martella

Parking lot crimes during September and October of this year have been higher than September and October of the previous year.

Brynn Johnson, News Writer

Weekly crime reports in Rockville have reported nine car break-ins during September and nine in October this year. One of the October break-ins occurred on Richard Montgomery Drive. These numbers are higher than last year; in September 2021, there were only five cars broken into in Rockville and in October 2021, there were six.

Parking lot break-ins are when someone gets into a car when it is unlocked or by forcing it open to either steal items or steal the car itself. Tips to avoid break-ins include locking the car, keeping valuables out of sight from windows, and not leaving the car running while unattended. 

“People just go by checking random doors and see if they can actually make entry,” Rockville Police Corporal Kyron Jenkins said. “Take everything out of plain sight.”

When in a parking garage, Spanish teacher Laura Hodge makes sure to park her car under a light or near other cars.

Leaving the car unlocked increases levels of theft. Keeping the car locked may discourage theft in the immediate area, which means it could also help to protect others.

“It is a bit stressful because it makes me afraid to store stuff in my car,” senior David Smith said. He also says that he will no longer store things in his car, and that he is worried about the lack of security protecting it.

“I do worry about my car when it’s in the parking lot so I always make sure it’s safe,” Sra. Hodge said. She does this by always locking her car, activating the alarm, and not leaving valuables in it. She also takes assurance in the extra level of safety from school security.

“Keep your doors locked. And just keep all your valuables away,” Cpl. Jenkins said.