Q&A: Behind the scenes of Puffs

Tara Amin, Centerspread Editor

Isaac Gilchrist prepares for his role as Assistant Stage Manager in the play “Puffs” by checking the sound. Taken by Tara Amin.

Isaac Gilchrist, Asst. Stage Manager

Interview by Natalie Pamboukian

What is your favorite character in Puffs?

Voldy, I think his acting is the best; he has the most animated personality and is the most unique of all the characters.

What do you do when you run into problems?

I turn to the Stage Managers, Ella Koenig and Michelle Wong, and my other assistant stage manager, Annie Guo. Annie always seems to know what’s occurring, which is helpful since production is chaotic at times.

Mrs. Davis reviews, as the Artistic Director, before the play “Puffs” begins. Taken by Shuxin Dai.

Mrs. Davis, Artistic Director

Interview by Shuxin Dai

Is there anything specific about this production that is unique?

Yes, this show is challenging and interesting because it involves a limited number of cast members playing many roles. They are changing characters based on their physicality and their voices, and just simple changes in costumes and props. 

What is your favorite scene in Puffs?

The first task where Cedric battles the dragon.

Alexander Vincent mics up an actor before rehearsal of the play “Puffs”. Taken by Tara Amin.

Alexander Vincent, Asst. Sound Chief

Interview by Dorothy Dang

Were there any challenges working on the sound crew?

Yes, the mics are a little bit rough. They’re very expensive equipment…they’re good, except they’re bad. So they break randomly and are kind of finicky. Especially with how frequencies can interrupt other ones. Like if you have two mics, the frequencies [can sound] like they’re transponding words too closely. Then [the sound frequencies] get intertwined and start messing with everyone’s sound.

A behind the scenes look on actor, Daniel Murphy during the rehearsal of “Puffs” in one of his multiple characters. Taken by Shuxin Dai.

Daniel Murphy, Actor Ernie Mac and others 

Interview by Shuxin Dai

What is your favorite thing about your character?

How many there are! Getting to give each character a different voice and body is really interesting. It feels a little hectic to play so many characters, especially with costumes, but it’s a lot of fun, I like it. 

Who is your favorite character that you play?

I want to say Hagrid as a joke but realistically it’s Snape. He’s just so much fun to play!

Narrator, Diya Britto performs on stage during the first show night of “Puffs”. Taken by Tara Amin.

Diya Britto, Actor Narrator 

Interview by Sayeda Hasni

What’s your favorite thing about your role?  

How sarcastic the narrator is at times and they have a very nice sense of humor. Normally I’m all over the place and my jokes are not as serious or put together I guess and the narrator just [knows] what they’re talking about but they also make it fun. 

Do you feel your role as narrator is different from the other characters in the play?

Yeah, so the other characters are definitely more eccentric and you see them growing and changing throughout the play, but the narrator sort of stays the same. And the narrator breaks the fourth wall [and] connects with the audience while the other characters don’t do that, so I think that’s a really fun part of my role.