Hardly the quiet saint we imagine, Melania Trump is just as bad as the rest of her family


Graphic by Caroline Dinh

After tapes revealed Melania Trump’s attitude towards the nation and immigrants, she no longer deserves to be portrayed as a victim.

Helina Tamiru, Opinions Writer

Though many view the First Lady as someone that lingers in the background, there is no denying the great platform these women hold and their ability to elicit real change. It has been seen in the past with women like Edith Wilson, Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama, who used their honorable positions to leave a mark on the country. However, with the current First Lady, the opposite is true. Though First Lady Melania Trump has received an onslaught of sympathy ever since Donald Trump was elected, in light of her recent controversies, it has become clear that Melania Trump no longer deserves this pity and should be held accountable.

Since 2017, social media sites have flooded with #FreeMelania, suggesting that Melania is a victim of the misogynistic and hostile behavior of her husband. Their relationship has been scrutinized under the public eye, garnering comments claiming Melania is unhappy with her marriage. Government teacher Andrea Lyons said, “I feel sympathy for her to be in the spotlight. I don’t think she ever expected to be the First Lady.” While Melania might appear to be discontent when pictured with her husband, that does not disregard her concerning behavior.

In December 2019, President Trump received backlash for insulting 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter. Melania Trump’s decline to comment on her husband’s outburst was contradictory to her “BeBest” initiative, a public awareness campaign advocating against cyberbullying among youth. “It was definitely hypocritical of Melania,” junior Eva Clifford said. “Especially since Greta is so much younger than Donald. It just makes everything much more disappointing.”
The First Lady focuses on the well-being of the American youth through her work, yet excuses her husband’s antagonizing behavior. It is apparent that Melania consciously supports her husband and his words since she makes no move to denounce his malicious acts. As her compliance slowly reveals itself, the American people need to pivot away from the victimized narrative that they had written her into.
Later, in October 2020, tapes of Melania Trump’s disturbing conversation with a White House advisor were leaked. Melania’s vulgar complaints about Christmas planning were indecent, but as her rant redirected to immigration policies, the First Lady’s true colors were exposed. She sounded untroubled as she harshly complained to “give [her] a break” about children being separated from their families at the border. It was appalling that a First Lady would be so indifferent to the welfare of these migrants.
Sophomore Zach Wisneski said, “I was honestly really shocked that she would talk about such a sensitive topic like that. It made me realize she’s way more similar to Donald Trump than I thought.” At this point, it is undeniable that Melania Trump approves of her husband’s policies. No matter how inhumane the actions of the president may be, her loyalty to him never falters.
First Lady Melania Trump was given a position that her predecessors used to better this country. However, she has only used her platform to idly stand by and validate her husband. This country needs a First Lady who would not hesitate to call out hateful slander, even if it spews from the mouth of her partner or his tweets. Melania is not a helpless victim held against her will, but rather an active supporter of Donald Trump. If Melania Trump gives no regard to the lives or well-being of many marginalized groups and individuals, then she surely does not deserve an ounce of sympathy.