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October Issue

Welcome to the first installment of the RM Tide Crossword Contest! If you just want to solve the crossword, that’s fine and you can ignore this. However, if you want an extra challenge, then you can try to solve the meta puzzle. I’ve been participating in these sorts of crossword contests for a few years now, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to introduce the faithful Tide readers to the mechanics. Basically, there is meta puzzle hidden in the crossword puzzle, and the answer to the puzzle is a word or phrase. If you want to see examples or try other crosswords with meta puzzles, check out the Wall Street Journal Crossword Contest. For a chance for a shoutout in the next issue, email [email protected] with the answer, a short explanation of how you solved the meta, and a picture of your complete crossword.

-Grant Yang

This issue’s contest answer is something you need in order to succeed at RM.

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