RM students find balance in academics and athletics


Photo by Ella Koenig

Like poms, cheer is also a two season sport: active both in the fall and winter season.

Lucas Corea, Sports Writer

High school is often considered a very stressful and eventful time in a person’s life. Managing seven classes is a sufficient load to keep students busy, while still leaving time for relaxation. However, many students at RM participate in the great athletics programs provided.

With practices often being 5-6 times a week across nearly all sports, it can be challenging to find time to get homework done. Sophomore Kathleen Cole, who’s on the poms team two seasons a year, often feels tight on time. “A lot of the time I feel like I’m coming home so late and I just never have time for everything,” Cole said.

Excelling in both athletics and academics is difficult and students occasionally find themselves prioritizing one over the other. “I always make sure school is first. My coach always said that grades and school is over poms,” said Cole.

Junior Vinamr Pemmeraju, a member of RM’s varsity cross country team, said, “School can be challenging and inflexible, so I have to manage my [athletic] schedule around my academics.” 

Adding on more extracurriculars on top of athletics and school adds even more pressure. “I’m on an FTC team robotics team, and the Blair satellite team. These are two long term high scale projects that take up to 10-15 hours a week,” said Pemmeraju. “The days where I have to attend those meetings are even more of a time crunch, and I have to schedule my time really well.” 

While athletics make academics more difficult by cutting time to work on school, they also provide a great outlet for students to relax and not worry about school. “My favorite part is just having a team that I get to see and spend time with everyday that supports me, cheers me on, helps me grow as a dancer and a person,” said Cole. “Competing in a sport really takes your mind off the stresses of daily life,”said Pemmeraju “Cross country has brought a really nice balance in my life.”

Pemmeraju said, “It’s really important not to prioritize one or the other. If you start to do that, then the pressure will build up for whatever you’re neglecting, which is not ideal.” For students that wish to pursue athletics, it’s important to balance sports and school. Cole said, “The best way to manage both is to get as much work as you can done before your practice time.”