Embrace Netflix: Streaming services improve our lives


Photo by Matthew Wong

A student scrolls through movies offered on the Netflix streaming service.

Katie Yuan, Opinions Writer

In a fast-paced and modern world, convenience is most essential. Our hectic daily schedules crammed with activities simply do not offer us enough time to binge-watch our favorite movies or shows, much less watch them in theater. As a result, it is the accessibility and ease at which we can enjoy shows anywhere at anytime that make streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the recent Disney+, such a huge presence in our lives. Despite much controversy about these streaming service’s dominance on the film industry, the benefits these services hold definitely outweigh the costs. 

The most important characteristics of any successful item on the market today are convenience and accessibility. Streaming services are a prime example of this. Whether you are in the car, waiting for someone or are just in the mood for another episode, the latest movies and shows are just a few clicks away.

Junior Joanna Ge said, “People don’t have to go to the movie theater or go out and buy a DVD, making it a very attractive option.” Furthermore, streaming movies online costs less than the amount you would pay watching the same number of movies at the theater. Junior Annika Meng said, “With Netflix, just a subscription of $9 to $16 a month yields an enormous selection of things that users can watch in the comfort of their own homes.”

While some may argue that streaming services are detrimental to the traditional cinema industry, there will always be people who are willing to watch movies in theaters despite the expansion of streaming services. In fact, newly released and well-produced movies that are considered to be worth watching in theaters, like Avengers Endgame which racked up a record-shattering $2.176 billion worldwide, will always succeed.

In addition, online streaming services offer a diverse collection of shows and movies, allowing people of all ages to enjoy. There will always be something for the little kid who watches cartoons or the teenager who loves horror, and even the grandma who enjoys watching nature documentaries. The large variety of genres and topics allow people to explore and try new things.

Moreover, the variety of shows offered even promotes diversity in the audience. Junior William Mason says, “ It is good in my opinion because if the film services make films more inclusive, more people can view the films and become inspired.”

Critics might argue that as streaming services become more popular, some of our favorite shows are being dispersed among varied services. But, competition provides many benefits. Though this may cause streaming services to stop offering certain movies, it also induces the creation of new ones. For example, Netflix has invested $15 billion into its Netflix Originals, self-produced movies and series. With  competition, better quality content will be produced for our enjoyment. 

These platforms set the stage for aspiring actors. As more streaming platform film their own shows, lesser known actors get the spotlight. English and film teacher Mr. Arenas said, “It’s going to give people we have never heard of an opportunity to present themselves on a world stage.”

Industries that do not evolve will get left behind. As streaming becomes more popular than watching in theaters, the expansion of streaming services is inevitable. So the next time you decide to watch a movie, consider streaming from the comfort of your own home.