Trump must be impeached


Graphic by Valerie Wang

Trump stands like he is on trial, shouting "Fake news!"

Rohan Dewan and Bence Szego

Before Donald Trump became president, impeachment was a significant word that implied political justice and was used sparingly. When mentioned, the public understood the gravity of a matter that had only occurred three times in the 243 years of U.S. history. However, in the past two years, the process has lost its true connotation.

Since even before the election, Trump has dominated the news cycle. Almost every day he takes an unprecedented action: firing a member of his cabinet, angering a head of state, and more. Trump has desensitized the country to shocking political events, muddling the otherwise clear legacy of what presidential behavior should be.

The constitution states a president may be impeached for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Considering all these possible routes to impeachment, it is a surprise it took Congress this long to act. Ever since the 2018 midterm election, the Democrats have held a fighting chance for impeachment with their 233 house seats to the Republican’s 197.

When Congress considers impeachment, they hold a joint investigation. The findings are presented to the house before a vote on articles of impeachment. The house then decides whether to impeach or not. If passed, the Senate votes to convict and remove the President from office. Hence, a President may be impeached but not removed.

However, removal is not the primary mission. “The goal of impeachment is not to take out the President but to ensure a standard that the President can’t just do whatever they want,” sophomore Urbar Kattel said.

While the Russian investigation was relatively unfruitful in decisively in proving collusion and obstruction of justice, a whistleblower recently claimed that Trump made a “promise” to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, revitalized the calls for impeachment. Further investigation has indicated that Trump allegedly engaged in a “quid pro quo,” using foreign aid to pressure Ukraine for incriminating information on Joe Biden’s son. In layman’s terms, Trump participated in bribery for political dirt.

This call alone warrants an impeachment inquiry. Trump’s actions set an appalling precedent contrasting with America’s ideals of freedom and democracy.

Trump’s financial habits also point to political malpractice. Recently, the President suggested the next G7 summit be held at his Mar-A-Lago resort for Trump to increase his profits. Although he rescinded this proposition, he continually wastes taxpayer dollars on trips to his resorts. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), just four of his trips in 2017 cost US taxpayers $13.6 million. Trump made over 150 visits to his commercial properties just in his first year as President, and that habit has only continued. This has remarkably increased his net worth.

Pelosi held firm against her liberal constituents and Democrats throughout the nation and was right to wait till this point to proceed with impeachment hearings. Her patience was rewarded when the mid-September Ukraine scandal broke, fueling the ammunition against Trump.

Not only did Pelosi wait for more evidence, but public support and understanding for impeachment. “To understand the interference with Russia, it’s not as straightforward. But with the Ukrainian investigation, it’s a lot more clear,” Kattel said. The average American can understand Ukraine far better than previous scandals, resulting in increased public support.

However, removal from office does not appear to be likely. “Democrats don’t even have a majority in the Senate. But again you never know. As these hearings play themselves out and more information comes to light, senators might realize it’s going to be virtually impossible to defend these behaviors,” government teacher Bill Vicari said.

Trump has proven that he is not fit for office by committing countless actions that are unsuitable for the office of the President, his scandal with Ukraine being the last straw. No longer can he disrespect our country and its democratic way of life.