QOTM: What is your favorite fall tradition?


Graphic by Slavena Peychinova

Delaney Crawley, Features Writer

What is your favorite fall tradition?

Eva Clifford, sophomore: “Watching the Halloweentown movies. It’s the best thing ever when it’s cold and you can just sit and binge-watch movies with your friends. I love it.”

Maggie Orcev, freshman: “Getting fat on Thanksgiving. I have four brothers so I really have to work to fill my plate!”

Cory Bucy, senior: “I love soccer season! It’s my senior year and I really want to make this one count! I love being on the team with all the girls and I will miss everyone so much when I eventually have to leave the team and graduate.”

Jack Conway, sophomore: “Thanksgiving. I love being with my family, I don’t see my extended family often and it’s great having everyone all in one place to just watch some football and enjoy food.”

Terra Pickett, sophomore: “I carve pumpkins with my friends and family pretty much every Halloween and it’s the most fun I have during the whole fall. We always make such a big mess but it’s worth it every year.”

Fiona Goddess, freshman: “I like watching Mean Girls with my friends every year. It’s become one of our favorite traditions and it’s so cute and fun how we have all the quotes and stuff memorized.”

Ayellet Aharonovich, sophomore: “I bake cookies for my teachers, friends, family and anyone who will eat them. It makes me happy to see them happy when they get to eat my stuff.”

Arman Bolouri, senior: “I’m going to the pumpkin patch with my family. My dad always comes in to spend some time with us and it’s great.”

Everett Oehler, sophomore: “I like making Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I don’t really spend a lot of time with my family, but this is when I can put down my phone for once and actually have some family time.”

Cameron Yi, sophomore: “I really like celebrating Chinese New Year. For me, it’s the best part of the year when everyone can come together and celebrate our culture and the new year.“