SMOB Nate Tinbite proposes including school sponsored athletics as PE credit


Photo Courtesy of Uma Fox

SMOB Nate Tinbite holds a discussion amongst his advisory council.

Montgomery County Public School’s Student Member of the Board (SMOB), Nate Tinbite, has recently proposed a plan that will allow students who participate in a school sponsored sports team to receive one semester of physical education credit. 

According to Maryland state law, all high school students must obtain at least 0.5 credits of physical education in order to graduate, while Montgomery County Public Schools require at least one full credit of physical education. 

 “What motivated me to propose this and first off this is just the resolution and we’re intending to come back with recommendations for implementation. But my main motivation was being especially myself when I was an athlete how I would have to sort of take a class that was redundant,” Nate Tinbite said.

Tinbite argued that this proposal would also increase space in student’s schedules. “This would allow them [students] to have a period to take classes they want to take, which contributes to academic mobility,” he said.

This idea, however, is not necessarily a new issue being brought up. Previous SMOBs have also expressed interest in establishing school sponsored sports as a credit. Junior Nick Asante said, “Matt Post had brought it up in the past, and I remember thinking it was a common sense idea that would benefit such a large demographic.” Asante currently serves as Tinbite’s chief of staff, working alongside Tinbite as his right hand man, helping him to conduct meetings and organizing new projects.

Sophomore Gloria Moudou, who currently plays for the Richard Montgomery Girls Varsity Basketball team, agreed with Tinbite’s plan. “I already exercise, it’s unnecessary for the school to force me to exercise for another 45 minutes,” Moudou said. She also believes that athletes deserve some sort of recognition. Mondou said, “I put a lot of commitment and time into sports and I think I deserve to get some sort of credit.”

 “I support a plan like Nate Tinbite’s because I believe that students should be given as many opportunities while they’re in school as possible to nurture their learning. I kind of think that physical education class is a waste of time,” sophomore Hana O’Looney said, “especially if students are already enjoying a healthy lifestyle outside of school.” 

The board will be voting on the resolution this month.