Last-minute homecoming tips


Isabella Paternostro

October 3, the date marked on the calendars of many anxious students since the beginning of the year, is finally right around the corner.  Students are bustling around malls, reserving restaurants, and scouring the internet for hair tutorials, last minute dance moves, and the perfect dress.

Here is the guide to making the 2015 Richard Montgomery Homecoming, your best one yet!

“The shoes, the dress, the ‘ideal dance’, none of it is possible unless you eat dinner before!” advised junior Masha Malishev.  When it comes to dining, the number of venues are endless. Some prime places include Rockville Town Center, Washingtonian Plaza, or even Tyson’s Corner!  Traditionally, many students, such as junior Camilo Gonzalez-Sol, prefer to dine in a formal restaurant because it “definitely gets you in that fancy mood that everyone dresses up for!” He recommends “La Tasca in Rockville Town Center because it has a wonderful venue with incredible food,” Gonzalez-Sol claims, “and in a large group, the cost ends up being very manageable.”  Junior Reet Goraya, on the other hand, prefers to eat “just a Nutella sandwich” before homecoming.  “The exact place where you eat doesn’t matter,” commented Malishev, “as long as you get something in your stomach and have fun with your friends or date before the dance begins.”

Before having that unforgettable dance with a certain special someone, ladies must embark on a journey: the journey of finding the perfect dress. While borrowing a dress from one of your older friends is certainly an option, as sophomore Meaghan Davis recommends, another option would be to swiftly drop by Montgomery Mall or Lakeforest Mall.  Surprisingly, department stores such as Macy’s, JC Penney and Sears have the most affordable, flattering homecoming dresses…that is, if you look very, very carefully.  “Nordstrom Rack,” junior Vivian Chiao exemplifies, “has cheap and pretty dresses that any girl can feel beautiful in.”  If neither of these options are suitable to your tastes, senior Liyanga de Silva recommends purchasing an outfit from an “upscale thrift store such as Uptown Cheapskate.” Plus, as junior Zaynah Moen states, “the best makeup tutorials are found on Youtube. It’s so easy!”

As for anything important, there are a few necessities you must keep in check to make your magical night is even better. “Don’t feel limited on what you can bring into the dance,” Malishev advises, “while your bags are left in the auditorium while you dance, you can still access Advil, makeup wipes or whatever else you need as long as it is school-appropriate.”  Since shoes must be worn at all times during the dance, it’s recommended that an extra pair of comfortable (and I stress comfortable) shoes are brought in case of emergency situations.  However, the most important thing, as junior class president Veeraj Majethia commented, is to “be safe, be smart and have fun.”