Valentides 2019

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Graphic by Valerie Wang

Nyawa Allieu You are the best (worst) mother ever. Happy Valentines Day. Hopefully you’ll find someone to spend Valentine’s Day with extremely low standards. P. S. Fresh Chicken deserved better – Juan and Scarlet, junior

Michelle Ma, you are my one and only Ernie to my Big Bird. Not a day goes by when I do not think about clapping your knees. If you are not my valentine this year I will cut off all my toes for you. – Caia Gelli, sophomore

To tainted group: Roses are red, violets are blue. It don’t always be like that, but sometimes it do. Love y’all <3 – Austin Cheung, senior

143,6. – Ashley Ye, junior

I have cherished every moment I have had with you all since you came to my life. It’s not goodbye but I will miss seeing you guys everyday. Your dreams will come true and you will all prosper cause you guys deserve the best. I love you all sammie my a1 killa homie, bri bri my sunshine, and my twin4L nyrene. – Ivy Kamendi, junior

To my friends, You keep me safe when my head is not (dumb helmet). Life with you can be flavorful or plain, but as long as you’re there, I know I can face anything—big or small, familiar or foreign—without fear. Even a**holes become conquerable. When I get knocked down, you make sure I stand on my own, rather than get knocked again, maybe up this time, by someone else. You catch me when parts of me spill uncontrollably, and you prevent me from making a mess. But I know you don’t mind if I’m sloppy or not. With you, I become less sensitive. I feel stronger, like I can last longer in this sh**hole. I am more in control. I want to pocket you and take you everywhere I go. Or perhaps put you in my wallet, because you are more valuable than money. That’s how important you are to me. Truly, you hold me in one piece and protect me when things get hard. You, my dears, are the real condoms of my life. Thank you, and Happy Valentine’s Day. – Charese Vo, senior

To Alex Haralanova:

Yo cousin, you always been there for me since day one. Ain’t nobody that do it like you. Obicham te lubov moya. Never stop doing what you do because you’ll never fail to make me smile.

To Maariyah Quadri:

My poetic partner. My best friend. My African associate. I cannot express how much I love you. You are meant to be in my life and I’m sure glad that that’s the case.

– Nicole Yanakiev, junior