Tide Gives Thanks

Unfortunately, not all the thank-you notes could fit on the print edition, so here are the rest!


Christina Tang

“I would like to give thanks to Michael Pan, who has carried me through so many hardships in this past week alone. I seriously would not be where I am today without the help of this witty and caring man. He is so hardworking I have yet to see him give up, and I hope to learn from that some day.” – Kush Savsani, junior

“I am thankful for the main office secretaries and Ms. Wall! Without them the school would not run as smoothly and efficiently as it does. Don’t forget to thank Ms. Wall for all she does the next time you drop off your absence note. And the next time you are in the main office looking for something your parents dropped off or asking about how to get a locker, make sure you remind the secretaries in the main office how thankful you are for all the help they provide on a daily basis. :)” – Ms. Hermansdorfer

“Fortnite” – John Condon, junior

“My friends for being there for me.” – Mary Ma, sophomore

“I am thankful for Yung Wals because he is the greatest musician of my generation and he has blessed my heart. I also am thankful for my mother, Dr. Douglas McDonald and the International Baccalaureate Organization.” – Wale Afolabi, junior

“I am thankful for my sister Clarissa!” – Gabrielle Halpern, sophomore

“Food.” – Kat Chen, junior

“I am thankful for my husband, two sons, good friends, and my health. There is so much to be grateful for each day, but these are the cornerstones of my life.” – Ms. Wiegner

“I am thankful for snow because it is fun to play in.” – Faith Cheung, sophomore 

My peers for motivating me to be the best that I can be.”

— Daniel Zhu, senior

“My mom” – Lilah Katz, junior 

“I am thankful for the RM community for being a home away from home. I can always rely on people in the building when I am feeling down or need help, as well as when I have good news to share. I will always be grateful for the people in this building, including the students ;)” – Ms. Horwat

“I’m thankful for Clarebear!” – Helena Yang, junior

“I’m thankful for my friends and chicken because they make me happy and I’m also thankful for joey who always serves the ball in.” – Kathleen Li, sophomore

“I am thankful for all of my friends for just existing and being some of the greatest people to exist.” – Annyah St. Louis, junior

“Charles for forcing me to fill this out.” – Alex Pease, freshman

“I am thankful for Laura Yao for being the best duet partner ever and for practicing just as much as I do (and also for being my friend for like seven years, love you <3)” – Clare Zhang, junior

“I am thankful for my students who care for and cheer on each other. Regardless of what we might see outside these walls: this is our culture; this is our world; this is where we freely define ourselves in preparation for leaving these walls behind. Thank you. I look forward to our tomorrow.” – Mr. Kovacs

“SHEVNI.” – Danny Shao, freshman

“I’m thankful for Alyssa, Katie, and Miranda for dealing with my rants. Also, thanks Tesia for keeping up with my overbearing personality. <3 Also thankful for food, my bed, my teachers, family, and the rest of the unexplored world.” – Emily Zhao, junior

“I am thankful for Guru Randhawa because he has produced many great songs such as Golimaar.” – Shishir Velma, junior

“Ms. Gustin (Comp Sci Teacher).” – Tejas Nazhere, sophomore

“Family, friends, food” – Stephanie Wang, senior

“Brown Boys.” – Pranav Tadikonda, junior

“Carina Guo – I’m thankful for Carina being the best debate partner ever! She’s always there for me! Amanda Wu – I’m thankful for her being there for me all the time and being the best debate partner!” – Jennifer Lin, freshman 

“The joy and love my sons bring into my life.””

— Mr. Monteleone

“Dear Chem! Thank you for your persistence and diligence. Keep up the hard work! Dr. Sparks and Ms. Brown” – Dr. Sparks

“I am thankful for all the roaches in my life that I call friends.” – Joy Milandu, junior

“I am thankful for Katie Zhang :)” – Ashley Ye, junior

“Jennifer Lin – I’m thankful for Jen, who has always been there for me! We’ve been through a lot together but we’ll always stick together – I know it!” – Carina Guo, freshman

“Thankful for Jonah cuz he is my only friend :(” – Yuansen Wu, junior

“Big Pete” – Marcus Wong, sophomore

“I am thankful for my friends because they are always make my day and are there for me when I need it.” – Dina Gamroudi, junior

“My family and friends.” – Nathan Ameh, sophomore

“I’m thankful for the colleagues, friends, and students who show genuine and consistent kindness to one another. Josh and Alex, thank you for your courage, decency, strength and jokes. You (and Maggie) are the best part of my day every day.” – Mrs. Shay

“I’m thankful for all of my amazing friends who are (almost) as weird as me!” – Jennifer Li, junior

“I am thankful for the opportunity to go to this school and have access to all the resources here. I’ve been able to cultivate a well-rounded learning experience that will be vital as I get older.” – Michael Sun, sophomore

“I’m thankful for my Asian metabolism.” – Franklin Choi, senior

“I am thankful for the opportunities I have in life, and the wonderful world that I have the chance to live in.” – Oliver Licht, sophomore

“I am grateful for the daily opportunity I have to see and hopefully encourage and promote the amazing potential of so many young people.” – Mrs. Mckelvey

“I am thankful for my friends.” – Muhil Rajagopal, sophomore

“Justin Schwager.” – Sean Liu, senior

“I would like to thank the students in my 7th period class who so graciously helped their classmates with the voice recordings of our project. You showed so much patience with others! You are awesome teachers!! Mil gracias, chicos! Buen hecho!!” – Ms. Veltri

“Abby.” – Frances Ahrens, sophomore 

“I am thankful for all of the staff members inquiring about my wife’s health and wishing her well.””

— Mr. Rodney

“I’m thankful for my friends who always make me laugh.” – Helen Qian, junior

“I am so thankful for all of my students who challenge me to be a better teacher and my awesome colleagues who make RM such an wonderful place to be.” – Mrs. Lyons

“Peace, love, positivity, and thanks to this entire SCHOOL- the RM community (especially drama) has been a wonderful home this past couple of years. I’m thankful for all of MELANIN (you know who you are my loves), all of my loving and supportive friends, and to all the amazing teachers I’ve had these past few years- you really don’t get the credit you deserve, so thanks!” – Maureen Zeufack, senior