A teenage fashionista makes RM her runway

Photo courtesy of Lexy Silverstein
RM sophomore Lexy Silverstein poses in a furniture store.

At age 15, sophomore Lexy Silverstein is the creator of a fashion and beauty website along with an Instagram platform of over 14,000 followers. She is a Richard Montgomery student, Pom, and aspiring model and influencer.

“I was always into fashion. I just thought, why wait until I’m older?”, Silverstein said. Since starting her blog last year, Silverstein has created dozens of posts on her website about beauty, fashion, her outfits of the day, and reviews. Silverstein writes tips and tricks about upcoming trends for each season under her fashion posts, and she dishes all of her beauty secrets in her beauty posts. Through months of hard work, Silverstein has structured an advanced website that expresses who she is. “I really like that she does her blog,” sophomore Madison Kraft said. “She has created a whole website that represents herself.”

I was always into fashion. I just thought, why wait until I’m older?”

— Lexy Silverstein

Silverstein’s Instagram feed of 14,000 followers is filled with colorful high-quality photos, many of which she takes herself. She is able to capture some of her photos through the comfort of her own home, by using her ring light and setting a timer on her professional grade camera. Silverstein’s other photos are taken by her friends or her mother. “Every place I go is an opportunity for a photo,” Silverstein said.

Although she has to wear her Poms uniform once a week, Silverstein claims that Richard Montgomery is her runway. Whether she’s dancing on the football field or sharing photos with her thousands of followers, Silverstein has found a way to make herself known throughout the RM community. Freshman Julia Serway, who is on the Poms team with Silverstein, said, “She is really nice and sweet!”

Photo courtesy of Lexy Silverstein.
Silverstein sports a simple look with flare jeans in DC.
Photo courtesy of Lexy Silverstein.
Lexy Silverstein wears a pair of red tassel earrings that she reviews on her blog.

Silverstein hopes to continue her love for fashion, beauty and photography in the future. She wants to pursue modeling and to continue her website and social media platform. After she graduates from RM, she aspires to attend the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Above all, Silverstein aims to inspire the readers of her website. “She is always bubbly and in a good mood.” freshman and fellow teammate Kathleen Cole said. “She’s really dedicated to her business and fashion.”

Silverstein stays up to date on each season’s trends. For the fall season, she says that 80’s trends, oversized sweatshirts, mini skirts and corduroy are in style. Although the Richard Montgomery hallways are crowded, Silverstein has noticed the styles among RM students include scrunchies, oversized sweatshirts, the color yellow and plaid.

Silverstein can be found in the halls wearing the newest pair of jeans or this season’s latest accessories. “Every single day should be a day to make a statement,” she said.

Learn more about Silverstein’s blog at https://www.elexyfy.com/