Spring 2018 trend predictions: expect boldness to spring into fashion


Female models on the runway at a fashion show.

Mary Ma

From aggressively technicolor pieces to ’80s-inspired evening wear, 2018’s fashion trends are all about making a statement. After a tumultuous year, designers are working to make the spring 2018 runway as bold and uplifting as possible. Escapism is a principle taking center stage this year, with designers flocking to bright and spontaneous designs juxtaposed with societal challenges.


’80s shoulders

Exaggerated and oversized sleeves will be everywhere this year, a trend already foreshadowed last year in bell-shaped sleeves. An ode to the powerful padded shoulders of the ’80s, puffs, frills and volume will be the focus of the runway. Street style will reflect what is seen on the runway through touches of detail in the sleeves of casual tops and dresses for a flair of individuality. “I personally would wear the sleeves trend by having a basic top, such as a white tee, with ruffles on the sleeves for a little bit of interest,” freshman Michelle Zhao said. A trend that does not translate as easily into daily life is huge shoulder pads. In the past, shoulder pads were overlooked for being too masculine and unflattering on the female body, but a theme seen so far in 2018 is redefining gender roles.


Pastel party

Candy colored fabrics will be everywhere, with silhouettes anything but subdued. The biggest color set to come back in spring 2018 is soft purple. “I’ll be wearing a lot more of lavender this spring,” freshman Kathleen Li said. “I think it’s great that designers are trying to convey political messages through fashion. After all, fashion is a form of art, and art is a great outlet for emotions and opinions.” With strong shapes juxtaposing soft colors, designers are excelling at combining traditionally feminine and masculine styles. Moreover, the purple symbolically represents a hope for future cooperation between democrats and conservatives, combining the red of conservatives and the blue of liberals. Inspired by the increased attention towards the women’s rights movement, designers are trying to convey the complexity of womanhood.


Feathers and fun

Fluffy, naturalistic pieces are ruling the runway, with models fluttering on and off the catwalk. Feathers of all kinds will be attached to flowy, bohemian-esque silhouettes for a carefree infusement into runway style. To avoid looking too similar to the kitschy style of the early 2000s, designers have chosen instead to use feathers with natural tones, such as deep browns and beiges.


Bold colors

Designers took ideas from the ‘90s for a slew of brightly colored pieces, from puffer jackets to chiffon dresses. Hues like canary yellow, nuclear green and tomato red are popping up everywhere. For those who want to incorporate vibrant colors into their wardrobe, there is a subtle way to do so: “I would wear this trend by wearing a mostly basic outfit with a pop of color in my accessories or shoes,” sophomore Ligia Vazpal said.


2018’s style is all about taking risks and breaking boundaries. Designers are taking political and social messages to the runway, making fashion more relevant than ever.


Featured photo courtesy of Kris Atomic. This article was originally published as “Expect boldness to spring into fashion” with an incorrect byline in the February 2018 issue of  The Tide.