Tide Gives Thanks!


Alex Hu

I am thankful for Alex Hu. – Anonymous, Grade 12

I’m thankful for the warm house I come home to every afternoon. I’m thankful for the table of home cooked food that waits for me every supper. – Mary Ma, Grade 9

I find myself thanking my parents. Cliche as it sounds, they’ve sacrificed everything so I can succeed. – Pierre Z, Grade 9

I am thankful for the k-pop group BTS as they inspired me during some tough times in life. –Saanika Mahashetty, Grade 9

Thanks Chris a.k.a. Snart for breaking Callie’s violin and her heart. Her mom was not mad. Also why won’t you be my friend? Good luck in the navy. –Charese Vo, Grade 11

I am thankful for the Internet for providing me with endless knowledge, communication, memes, and episodes of Arthur. –Kaylen Pak, Grade 10

Thanks Charles a.k.a Diego for thanking Chris a.k.a Snart on my behalf. Good luck in the Navy. –Callie Wen, Grade 11

I am thankful for Ashley Ye <3 –Katie Zhang, Grade 10

I am thankful for Katie Zhang. –Ashley Ye, Grade 10

I am thankful for my loving friends and family! I am so thankful for a school where I can thrive and learn new  things. Thank you wife (Layna Lu) for always being there to support me. Thank you Dr. Sparks for always being available for chemistry help and thank you Mr. Chase for teaching with such enthusiasm and always helping me when I need it! –Katya Beltren ,Grade 11

a haiku: Thanks to all my “friends”, Minus the person who flaked, #Joshyua –Layna Lu and Chloe Noh, Grade 11

Thanks for life. –Meth Muhasinghe, Grade 10

Thanks to all my friends for tolerating me. –Michael Thomas, Grade 10

Thank you Maki Ishibashi for putting up with me in Bio and for being vegan so I can make fun of you. –Grant Yang, Grade 11

I am thankful for Wikipedia for saving my grades.- Yohanna Daniel, Grade 12

I thank you, RTC, for filling my stomach and emptying my wallet at the same time!! –Emmanuel Corporal, Grade 11

I’m thankful for my wonderful colleagues and students @ RM, Alex + Josh, and everyone who goes out of the way to show kindness to others. –Ms. Shay, Staff

I am thankful that someday I will be greeted by the sweet embrace of death.- Hamlet

To Big Shaq, Man’s Not Hot! 2+2=4-1=3 quick maths –Luke Xia, Grade 11

To Luke, Thanks for being sexy asf. –Luke Xia, Grade 11

I am thankful for free education. –Erica Maharjan, Grade 9

Thanks, Mom. –Jason Hu, Grade 9

Thanks to my family + friends. –Anonymous, Grade 9

Thank you for all the food that let me survive this far into high school. ? -Grace Zhou, Grade 11

Usama is a hard working photographer.- Tabish Akbor, Grade 12

I am thankful for my family. –Edriss Ndiage, Grade 10

I would like to thank the IB 9th grade family! In the course of the past 2 months, I have made so many friendships that will last the next 4 years and you guys always make my day!!! –Abhinav Karthikeyan, Grade 9

Thank you Mrs. Brown for teaching me all of the intricacies of literature, and opening my eyes to a whole new world of writing. –Jeremy Kuznestsov, Grade 9

I am so thankful for Emily Tian and Tracie Kwon! <3 –Maki Ishibashi, Grade 11

Thanks to Kevin Liu for existing and being there for me. Thanks to Alice Zhu for being the best person ever. And finally, thanks to Tracie Kwon for being a positive influence in my life. <3 –Matthew Kolodner, Grade 11

Thanks for being such a great Dad (Anthony Naritsin). Love, your son. –Kenneth Trinh, Grade 11

I am very thankful for after school snacks. I am glad that I can go home and eat something. That is the only thing that gets me through the whole entire school day. –Lydia Wei, Grade 10

Meeting Cathy and Grace Ahn ? I’m also thankful for the Hershey kisses that were once in room 200. –Anonymous, Grade 11

I am thankful for cow and Joshua Monkey Kolonder. There is cow named Majew Kolonder and he is uglee & smelly but <3 M_O_O –Jasteen, Grade 11

I am thankful for Justin Song, even though his hair smells really bad. He also is really bad at tennis. Even Orrin Ni is better. <3 –Anonymous

I’m thankful for Kayden and friends. I’m also thankful for open lunch and being broke all the time. –Anonymous, Grade 10

I’m thankful for all the teachers and new friends I’ve made during my first quarter in the IB program. Thanks y’all, you’re great! –Justin Chow, Grade 11

I’m thankful to Alex Hu and the RM Social Studies Honor Society for organizing Palmer Review Sessions. You should come! –Mr. Stillman, Staff

Thank you new IB administration for your kindness, youth-understanding, sincerity. -Grant Yang, Grade 11

I want to thank the strong loving woman who has been by my side since birth. Oprah, you are my hero! -Sue Lee, Grade 12

Thanks Mr. Keil -Anonymous

Thank you to all my friends and family who continue to support me and keep the smile on my face. -Elyssa Lou, Grade 11

Thanks Emily for being great!!!!!! -Orrin Ni, Grade 11

I am thankful for my family and friends. -Valerie Farfan, Grade 9

I am so thankful that my daughter Julie Fahrner had 4 years with me at RM to help build and leave behind a legacy of love. -Coach Fahrner

Thank you to Elizabeth Haupt, who is always there for me when I need her, or just to dance by my side. -Samantha Brown, Grade 10

I’m thankful for all the new people and opportunities I’ve met/been given. -Eujin Lee, Grade 10

I really really love Emily Tian with my whole heart and am eternally grateful that she always lifts me up and is my biggest fan ? -Tracie Kwon, Grade 11

I am so thankful for Tracie Kwon <3 and Maki Ishibashi! ? -Emily Tian, Grade 11

Thank you for writing articles I disagree with. It made me think outside of my bubble. -Andres DeLeon, Grade 11

I am thankful I didn’t fail all my classes this quarter, just 6 of them ? -Mira Kux, Grade 9 
I am thankful for the field hockey team. All of you guys are the bomb and I’ll miss it so much next year! – Sierra Longest, Grade 12

I am thankful for all my teachers and friends for everything they do for me. – Addie Carr, Grade 11

OA, the cutest girl in existence. Also twitch chat and Mr. Keel. –Anonymous

Thanks Rachel for giving me this paper. –Jonathan Zhang, Grade 12

Thankful for me, myself, and I. –Jason Hong, Grade 12

I like food. –John Luo, Grade 12

I am thankful for rice crispie treats. – Carlos Montalvan, Staff

I am thankful for the amazing new friends I have made. Coming from a private school wasn’t easy at first but thanks to my awesome friends I feel like I’ve been a part of this community forever. Thanks group, I love you guys so much and can’t wait for the next four years with you. And remember giraffe #4 lives on! – Brandee Kaplan, Grade 9

My wonderful classmates whom I look down upon with extreme condescension. – William Liu, Grade 12

I’m thankful for my family, house, and friends, and also my education. – Grace Burwell, Grade 9

Thanks to the RM marching band for being the best band ever!!! We love y’all. Bring the hype next year!! – Irene and Hannah, Grade 12

Spider crab peristalsis – Alan Tong, Grade 11

Fluffy oranges and grapes – Emily Yuan, Grade 11

One must always be thankful for the great economics lessons from Mr. McDonald. The good laughs in that class are unforgettable and the raffles are …interesting to say the least. – Jeff Tran, Grade 11

Thankful for my two little sisters — Cindy and Vicky who annoy me on a daily basis but always have my back. – Jenny Chen, Grade 12

I’m really thankful for all my friends. You know who you are. And I’m also really thankful for all the seniors in marching band that made it all possible. – Zachary Sliter, Grade 9

I’m thankful for everything from daylight savings to hamburgers! – Abby, Grade 9

I am thankful for the Mountain Dew machine. That stuff is amazing. – Rachel Herman, Grade 12

I am thankful for my mom, especially when she brings me Popeyes during lunch. I’m also thankful for my teachers because they’re such great people :))))))) – Kevin Hu, Grade 12

I’m thankful for my amazing teachers, Starbucks holiday drinks, and my friends who make senior year a little more bearable <3 –Cindy Song, Grade 12

I am thankful for Alex Hu for predicting and instigating the upcoming revolution. May your soul eminate brightly through these tumultuous times! –Dwodi Ligne, Grade 10

my frIends! tHey Are Too lovEly. Yes, Often the groUp cAn be a Lot, but i Love them! -Rose Kelly, Grade 11

My friends, who give me endless laughs and laugh endlessly at my jokes and I know will support me in my endeavors even if it means me embodying Oscar. –Maren Berman, Grade 11

CORRINE THE FINE, LAURA, CLARE, ASHLEY, VALERIE, KATIE, JULIE, ANYONE ELSE I FORGOT (sorry). My family! Money, food (but who cares, no big deal, I want MORE) –Stephanie Wang, Grade 10

I’m most grateful for my friends and family who have given me nothing but love and support. These amazing people are the reason why I love to smile. #blessed –Jasmine Pham, Grade 10

I’m thankful for my family and the privileged life I have. I’m thankful that I am in a situation where I can afford to take things for granted, even though I wish I didn’t. –Ayesha Khawaja, Grade 10

I am thankful for family and friends who support me in everything I do, encouraging me every step of the way. (Also my FAVORITE photography teacher Mrs.Gould, for helping me excel at photography but also in school. –Mikhaila Estwick, Grade 11