School year kicks off with successful Club Fair


Jennifer Li

As students returned to school for the 2017-2018 school year, RM hosted its annual Club Fair during lunch on September 19. Hundreds of students of all grade levels gathered on Main Street to survey the vast expanse of different clubs.

All along Main Street, tables were set up as club leaders, often aided with poster boards, showed off their clubs to incoming freshmen and returning students. Many also set up computers for easy access to a sign-in sheet, while others had candy or snacks to attract new recruits. “The best parts about the club stands were poster boards and candy,” sophomore Ishaan Oberoi said.

For many clubs, this is one of the best chances to showcase what their organizations do throughout the year. Science Team leader and senior Andrew Mao said, “Our Club Fair is a one-time chance to showcase our clubs, our events to all the freshmen and the new people who came and started at Richard Montgomery. You can demonstrate which events are available to those who may not have the privilege to know about these [clubs].”

Another club that interested many students was DECA, a relatively new club focused on business administration. Senior Jonathan Huang, one of the club presidents, remarked, “ The Club Fair was really inviting, because you can learn about all the clubs.”

The Club Fair is also great opportunity for students to meet others with similar extracurricular interests. Freshman Arthur Palayer said, “It’s such a great opportunity to meet so many other people and clubs.” In addition to providing people with an opportunity to meet others by bringing everyone together for one event, it also showcases clubs where people can continue to interact with others students.

Looking to the future, many attendees shared one common suggestion. Freshman Sabrina Mei said, “Maybe spread it out a little bit, because there were so many people.” The crowds attracted by the Club Fair often made it hard for students to move through and get a good look at all of the clubs and posters. Mao added, “It does get a little crowded at times, so it would be nice if we could set up double-sided tables, which we had last year, and it was great.”

Another solution posed by a few people was to extend the event by a couple days. That way, people can have multiple opportunities to view all of the clubs and sign up. Sophomore Kisha Yan said, “I think it should be two to three days.” Oberoi suggested, “I think it should be longer, and that they should split it by grade, so one grade goes down at a time because it gets really crowded and really hot.”

Overall, the Club Fair was another overwhelming success, as underclassmen and upperclassmen alike had the opportunity to look at and sign up for all of the clubs they were interested in. Teacher and IB Diploma Coordinator Ms. Shay concluded, “I think the Club Fair is one of the greatest things about Richard Montgomery High School, because it shows how diverse all of our views and our interests are, and how committed the adults in the building are as well to student activities.”

Photo courtesy of Damon Monteleone