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Students advocate for environmental awareness, sustainability at Senior Art Show

Selena Li
Students use their artistic talent to spread messages about climate change and environmental degradation at the Senior Art Show.

The annual Senior Art Show didn’t fail to impress viewers, featuring a variety of art pieces reflecting different issues and sending messages of sparking change. Seniors were able to showcase their talents and end the year feeling proud of their hard work. “I feel that for us as artists we also have to be stewards of the earth. I want to impart those practices on my students,” art teacher Kelly Posey said.

The senior art show was on Thursday, March 14, and was a hit within the school community. Many students and staff showed up to support the passionate artists. “I think most of the students, they wanted people to take it in a little bit, and reflect on what they were trying to say,” Ms. Posey said. 

Throughout the school year, senior students in AP and IB art classes have worked tirelessly to make the show a reality. Many students have come in on weekends and after school to set up the lights and hang the art pieces on black folding panels and in the art gallery.

The senior art students began the brainstorming process at the beginning of the school year, and many decided to focus on environmental awareness as their topic. “At the beginning of the school year, my teacher told us to pick a problem in the world to help express our art for the year. So I decided to pick a theme to do with climate change and people affecting the world with pollution,” senior Dylan Lustig said.

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Senior Dylan Lustig spreads powerful message about climate change in her painting, “Hourglass of destruction.” (Michaela Boeder)

The display moved students, parents and staff alike. Students hope that attendees will want to take action after seeing pressing environmental issues facilitated through art. “I want to evoke feelings of sadness or feelings of wanting to help the world become a better place. By showing the bad, I hope to inspire people to want to help make the world better,” Lustig said. 

Not only did some seniors choose to highlight environmental awareness in their pieces and statements, but Ms. Posey prioritized eco-friendly practices when making the artwork. “For the most part, when we decorated, we tried to be conscious of the environment by decorating with recycled materials,” Ms. Posey said. 

Despite sending an important message and reaching viewers’ hearts and minds, many artists faced challenges translating their messages through art pieces. Students point out how choosing a specific color scheme, art style or paint type can be difficult.

“Some of the challenges are definitely coming up with ideas in order to portray the idea of climate change and people affecting the world. Also, sometimes it’s difficult if I’m trying to portray a certain message but unable to fully get the point across, so it can be frustrating at times,” Lustig said. 

While there were challenges, the art department and student community at RM are there for artists, offering help when needed, especially if they are stuck on their projects. The ability of students to use their talents and strengths to give a voice to pressing issues such as climate change is awe-inspiring and motivates viewers to advocate for messages that resonate with them.

The Senior Art Show was a celebration of artistic talent and a call to action. Through the young artists’ creative projects, students demonstrated the power of art to raise awareness, promote advocacy and inspire positive change.

The impact of their artwork is appreciated, reminding us of our shared responsibility to protect and save our environment.  “I hope my art will show people the harm in what they are doing and bring awareness to the issue. Also, I do have pieces that show the beauty in the world to show what the world could look like if we work hard to keep it clean,” Lustig said. 


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