‘Guts (spilled)’ adds angst to original album, validates teenage insecurities

Olivia Rodrigo, Grammy-awarded singer and songwriter, releases Guts (spilled), an extension of her hit sophomore album Guts.
Olivia Rodrigo, Grammy-awarded singer and songwriter, releases “Guts (spilled),” an extension of her hit sophomore album “Guts.”
Christiana Vucea

Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album, “Guts,” topped the Billboard Charts and received the equivalent of 302,000 albums sold in the United States and nearly 100 million streams. Rodrigo recently shared more of her talent in a deluxe version of the acclaimed album “Guts (spilled),” released on March 22.  The extended version features five bonus songs, including one entirely new and four vinyl edition hidden tracks. In the deluxe version, Rodrigo shares the challenges of being a 21-year-old in this generation through tracks that may even outdo the original album’s discography. 

The five tracks include “obsessed,” “girl i’ve always been,” “scared of my guitar,” “stranger” and “so american.” After announcing the album’s release while on stage at United Center in Chicago during the Guts World Tour, fans were eager to hear what songs Rodrigo had in store. While the original album offers a candid sense of Rodrigo’s struggles in love, comparison, fame and beauty standards, the deluxe tracks bring in heavenly acoustic elements and addictive alternative rock hits that the original arguably needed. 

The track “obsessed” kicks off the deluxe additions. It delves into struggles with relationship jealousy as Rodrigo shares her fixation with her partner’s ex-girlfriend. Rodrigo explores romantic relationships though the lens of toxic comparison. The track’s production is similar to previous songs, like “get him back!” with ’90s pop-rock influences and guitar solos and that create a thrilling sound. 

The second and third deluxe tracks, “girl i’ve always been” and “scared of my guitar” are two of the most heart-wrenching songs in Rodrigo’s discography and deserve to be on the original album simply for their candidness. The sheer honesty of Rodrigo’s lyrics reads as if Rodrigo is confiding in the listener. The absence of heavy instrumentals adds to the subject’s delicacy as she shares her uncertainties and struggles with overwhelming thoughts. 

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The fourth deluxe track, “stranger,” is reminiscent of Rodrigo’s 2021 album, “Sour,” as it begins with a guitar melody highlighting Rodrigo’s lyrical ingenuity. While the song features a lighter, more acoustic production, its lyrics remain heavy and hard-hitting. Rodrigo explores moving on and refinding one’s independence after a relationship. She details how one can go from being everything to someone to nothing more than a familiar stranger. “stranger” is a refreshing song that offers variety from Rodrigo’s hardcore pop style. 

Although the original album ended with a more melancholic track, “teenage dream,” the deluxe version ends on a high note as Rodrigo reveals her current love life in the track, “so american.” The pop star is dating Louis Partridge, a London-born actor, and this song offers a look into their relationship. She describes his simple acts that make her fall more in love. The upbeat style of the music and playful outro is a fitting end to an album that can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster, featuring elements of relatability, vulnerability and Rodrigo’s specialty, teenage angst. 


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