Senior Emilia Souchar admires the snow during a walk around her neighborhood.
Senior Emilia Souchar admires the snow during a walk around her neighborhood.
Ellie Noh

Photo Essay: Students prepare for final exams of the semester

With the first semester coming to a conclusion, students are cramming class content in preparation for final exams of the second quarter. Several teachers have scheduled upcoming midterm or final unit tests that determine semester grades. Quizlet, an online study platform with interactive learning tools, is extremely popular among students. The study site includes features such as digital flashcards, learn mode, test mode, match mode and “Q-Chat,” an artificial intelligence tutor that quizzes students on material. “My anatomy midterm test is coming up, so I’m using Quizlet to prepare for it,” senior Lily Kerchner said.

Senior Emilia Souchar admires the snow during a walk around her neighborhood.

Last week, Montgomery County Public School students attended classes for only one out of the five conventional school days. On Monday, Jan. 15, all schools and offices were closed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Additionally, a “code orange” (per the MCPS colored system) was declared for Tuesday, Jan. 16 and Wednesday, Jan. 17 due to inclement weather and dangerous road conditions. Students attended school as usual on Thursday, Jan. 18, but Friday, Jan. 19 was “code red,” where all school buildings and offices were closed as a result of ongoing snow. Senior Emilia Souchar took advantage of these snow days by taking long walks around her neighborhood. “I like to walk in the snow,” she said. “It inspires me to study and finish my [internal assessment] for math.”

Senior Emilia Souchar admires the snow during a walk around her neighborhood. (Ellie Noh)

According to the CDC, students who consistently sleep the recommended eight to 10 hours per night earn the benefits of elevated academic performance, improved concentration and increased focus. “Sleeping is really helpful for me,” sophomore Brynn Johnson said. “Power naps help my brain rest before my upcoming Spanish, science, precalc and AP U.S. History tests.”

Mastering effective study techniques is an essential skill for high school students. However, study strategies may vary from person to person. Methods including spacing out study sessions, performing brain dumps and efficient note-taking may be advantageous for different students. “I go over class material, past papers and tests to refine my current knowledge,” junior Hayden Swetlow said. “I [also] find online study guides to reinforce my knowledge and study for my AP Psychology midterm.”

Senior Veronica Vato has developed efficient note-taking skills over several years. Although there are a variety of ways to format notes such as the Cornell, outlining, mapping and charting, senior Veronica Vato prefers using bulleted lists and highlighting. “My color-coordinated notes help me organize my thoughts and process information,” she said.

Senior Adin Bokman receives English tutoring from senior Emma Karlin. Tutoring is another approach students can consider to help master subject matters. The National Honor Society offers peer tutoring in all available courses to RM students. Interested students can complete a Google Form to be matched with a tutor. “I’ve been struggling in my literature class. Emma has been so helpful to me by pointing out specific stylistic techniques in my book and tone shifts in poetry,” Bokman said.

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