‘Heaven Knows’ shows PinkPantheress’ vocal prowess

PinkPantheress remix with Ice Spice, Boys a Liar Pt. 2, hit number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 list when it debuted.
PinkPantheress’ remix with Ice Spice, “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2,” hit number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 list when it debuted.
Christiana Vucea

Rising artist PinkPantheress’s newest project, “Heaven Knows,” released Nov. 10, shows her display of talents, continuing with her unique style of music. After her first big hit in 2021, PinkPantheress has continued to grow her fanbase, collaborated with prominent artists like Willow, Lil Uzi Vert, and Ice Spice and worked on many other projects that have shown her talent. The light and upbeat indie pop/R&B album explores her style and reveals her underrated abilities. 

The first song of the album, “Another Life,” has an elegant, electric-sounding opening that perfectly introduces the album. The song features Rema, another famous artist, who adds to the electro feeling of the song. The song talks about moving on, which is reinforced throughout the song’s chorus, as the lyrics “Guess I’ll see you in another life” are repeated throughout the track. 

“It’s such a fun opening song that shows what the album will be like,” junior Paige Keith said. 

True Romance,” the second track on the album, is about the yearning and angst of a relationship. This lighthearted style song fits in with the styles of her previous works, and the addition of crowd effects and noises adds to the song’s meaning of vulnerability. The track is one of my favorites on the album, and it captures her style of music very well.

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The next track, “Mosquito,” is the leading single on the album. The joyful feeling of the song makes it one of her top-streamed songs. The song is about an obsession with a relationship. The metaphor of comparing a mosquito, something so small that it will not go away, to how she feels about the relationship makes it one of the best songs on “Heaven Knows.”

The fourth track on the album, “The Aisle,” is one of my favorites. The track explores the artist’s feelings towards not being able to let go of a relationship as she hopes for change. I love the pop-style music, the instrumentals of the track, and the effects that match well with her soothing voice.

The next track, “Nice to Meet You,” features one of the newest, up-and-coming British artists, Central Cee. Although their voices blend nicely, the PinkPantheress style doesn’t match Central Cee’s and makes the song seem unbalanced. 

Bury Me,” the next track, features Kelela, another American R&B singer. The repetition of the lyrics “couldn’t tell you”  plagues the listener with a  burning feeling about leaving things in the past. The song opens with a mystical feeling, and their voices blend very well.

The next track, “Internet Baby (interlude),” is the seventh track on the album. The song’s upbeat rhythm fits in with the rest of the album. The biggest complaint about this song is the repetitiveness of the lyrics. The lyrics reach the point of redundancy, but the sound of the music and her voice still make it a worthwhile addition to the album. 

Ophelia,” the next song, is another top song on the album. The light instrumentals and key of the music create a lighthearted atmosphere. Still, the lyrics reveal a desperation for change in a relationship that changes the song’s overall impression on listeners. The song’s instrumentals and musical effects make it sound bubbly but also puzzling. 

The ninth track on the album, “Feel Complete,” is about the desire for a stable and understanding relationship. PinkPantheress sings, “I just wanna feel complete,” emphasizing the need for a strong relationship and a sense that something is missing in her current life. 

Blue,” the next track on the album, is one of the more mellow songs on the album. The song’s meaning also follows the trend of the previous tracks about the longing for a love-filled relationship. The synth effects at the song’s end make the track memorable and differentiate the song from those with similar messaging. 

The next track, “Feelings,” is the most unique song on the album. The darker, angry feeling of the song is a strategic addition to the album and shows PinkPantheress’ versatility as an artist. 

The second to last track, “Capable of Love,” is another distinctive track from this album. Its electronic and dark feeling is another way the song contrasts with the tone of the rest of the album and is another testament to her wide vocal range and stylistic mobility. 

Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” is the perfect closing song to the album. The song went rightfully viral in collaboration with Ice Spice, a rising, Grammy-nominated rapper. Their voices flow well together, and the upbeat feeling of the song leaves an everlasting impact on listeners and proves why she is an impressionable artist. 

“The album feels very put-together, and everything makes sense together,” senior Fiona Carter said.

The album is a perfect representation of PinkPantheress’ style. The songs blend well together, and everything is cohesive. The instrumentals, her voice and the collaborations show PinkPantheress’s underrated talents. In this short 35-minute album, PinkPantheress captures her unique flair within each song and lyric.

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