Girls volleyball blazes path to State Championship

The girls varsity volleyball team gathers into a team huddle before their next set.
The girls varsity volleyball team gathers into a team huddle before their next set.
Emma Tyser

Although the road to states looked effortless for the Richard Montgomery girls varsity volleyball team, their hard work and dedication separated them from the average team. 

Regular Season

As the team began their season without losing a single set for their first eight games, hype and chatter rose throughout the halls of RM and all over the county. Game after game, a loss remained far out of the picture. 

It was not until they faced the toughest competition in the county, with the stands packed and rivalries high in the air, that RM fell to Wootton High school with a 3-2 loss. It was a shock to the coaches, players and students. The disappointment struck the team as they now remained 8-1 and were hoping to complete the rest of the season without a loss.

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 “The loss to Wootton was one of the biggest moments of our season,” junior Corinne Howard said. “To get ready for Sherwood, we all made the decision that would be the moment we proved a loss couldnt alter our mentality or the rest of our season.” 

The game rolled around two days after the Rockets’ devastating loss. 

The game was a 3-0 sweep and continued the Rockets season record to 9-1. Eventually the team began to understand that the “chip on their back” after losing may have paid off. 

“In the game against Sherwood, we went back to the basics. We focused and prepared so much for the Wootton game that we knew we had to simply calm down and play our game for Sherwood,” Howard said. 

A plethora of 12 more highschools resulted in wins for this outstanding volleyball team; Springbrook, BCC, Churchill, Einstein, Damascus, etc. 

County Championship

Advancing from regional quarterfinals and semifinals to the finals RM girls volleyball was the talk of the town. They kept going to eventually move on to a 13-1 record heading into the county championship. This game was unlike any other, it was once again against Wootton High School, who at this point, had been the only blemish on the Rockets’ perfect season. The top two teams in the county. 

Regional Playoffs

In the regional championship against Paint Branch HS, the Rockets won in dominant fashion, yet again winning 3-0. As regional champs, the team headed into the state quarter-finals against Perry Hall High School. Through communication and motivation the team won 3-0 and advanced onto the state semi-finals. The next opponent was Reservoir High School located in Howard county. Packed Stands and an almost sold-out gym, the Rockets had a lot to prove and wanted the win. “We knew what we were gonna see going into the game and used that to our advantage to communicate and work out what we knew,” freshman Ana Djordjevic said. 

Last but not least, the state finals. “We have worked for this game the entire season,” junior Caroline Kaye said. “Bringing back everything we knew and watching film for hours, we felt so prepared heading into the game.” Within school pep-rallies, hype over social media, and the dedication these players have put into this four month season. 

I’m so beyond proud of this team, we really did just win the state championship.

— Caroline Kaye

State Championship

The state final game for RM girls volleyball was their final game no matter win or loss. Nov. 18, an hour and a half away against Leonardtown High school. This was their final chance to prove to the state that they are the best school. A fan bus and tons of parents pile into Hartford county community college hoping for a win. As expected, the game was super competitive. Yet, the Rockets pulled away and started off 2-0. The third set, the Rockets fell, resulting in a 2-1 score. Chanting in the crowd attempting to help encourage the players, the players are hungrier than ever for the win. Fourth set ended the game as the score went to 3-1 resulting in a win for the Rockets! “I’m so beyond proud of this team, we really did just win the state championship,” Kaye said. Richard Montgomery girls varsity volleyball has won the 4A state championship. 

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