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France bed bug infestation prompts widespread media response

Diana Weng
Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans.

In early October, bed bugs began crawling across French homes and public transportation. Reports started to surface on social media during Paris Fashion Week when multiple videos of bugs crawling in public transit vehicles were posted online.

One video posted on the social media platform, X showed a bed bug crawling on the train with a caption urging the train company to disinfect their vehicles. Following this, more people started reporting bedbugs in hotel rooms, cinemas and at Paris’ Charles-De-Gaulle airport.

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans. They are reddish-brown colored bugs and because of their small flat bodies, they are able to hide in small places and can stay there for a long period of time even without a food source.

According to the CDC, Bed Bugs are usually transported to different places when people travel. The bugs can be carried in places where they can easily hide; such as luggage, bedding, furniture and folded clothes.

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But bed bug infestations have been an ongoing problem for a long time in France. According to the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Workplace Safety (ANSES) between 2017-2022, 11 percent of the country’s households were reported to be infested by the bugs.

Despite this, it wasn’t until Oct. 3, that France’s President, Emmanuel Macron’s Party announced that it would put forth a bill to combat the surging numbers of bedbugs cases.

As the Olympic Games are planned to be held in Paris during the summer of 2024, some people are starting to get concerned as it is only a little over nine months away.

According to France 24, a French news television network, Concerns have started to rise, with Paris preparing to welcome people around the world for the 2024 Olympic Games and with the country currently hosting the Rugby World Cup.

To reassure people, the first deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire said that “bed bugs existed before and they will exist after.” He also added that the games were an “opportunity” for everyone to work together on the issue, according to CNN.

The issue quickly made it to international news as American news outlets, such as CNN and NBC, began to report on the situation, which quickly caught the attention of people who weren’t directly impacted by the outbreak.

French Teacher Florence Falloux said that she heard the news of the bedbug outbreak through her family members in France and through the French news media she sees regularly. Mrs. Falloux thinks the media might be exaggerating the situation as none of her family members in France have reported an infestation in their homes.

“I’m not really worried that it will spread to the U.S.,” Mrs. Falloux said.

While other students feel the contrary, sophomore Sam Banuelos said she is worried that the infestation might spread to the United States.

“The same thing happened with the coronavirus, where it started on the opposite side of the world and came and spread to other countries,” Banuelos said.

Entomologist with Cornell University and coordinator of the NY State Integrated Pest Management community program, Jody Gangloff-Kaufman, said that an outbreak in the US is unlikely.

The expert also added that what is happening in France is not unprecedented and has been happening in other countries as well, according to USA Today. “Everyone’s had this resurgence. So it’s nothing new,” Gangloff-Kaufman said.

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