Led by the junior SGA, upperclassmen prepare for prom


Hannah Lee

Prom tickets were sold for $70, with priority given to seniors. The theme this year is “fire and ice.”

Libby Cooke, News Writer

RM juniors and seniors will gather for prom on Friday, May 19 at the Rockville Hilton from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The junior SGA has led the planning of the event.

The planning process for prom started around January, when the committee––composed of juniors who wanted to help––met frequently to discuss the possibilities of the dance. 

“[We] pick themes that they would like to see happen. After we narrow down the choices we then go to the [DJ or Decorator] and give them a budget and the themes, and they get back to us with what they think would be best and where we would get the most out of our money,” grade 12 assistant principal Robin Wheeler said. Mrs. Wheeler has participated in organizing this year’s prom, as she has in previous years.

The senior class, on the other hand, is not heavily involved with the preparation process. “It has been a tradition to make the junior SGA plan prom,” SGA junior class president Lucas Roca said. 

When organizing prom, the junior class officers and other junior students pick themes, advertise the event and manage ticket sales. “It’s not too difficult but it does involve numerous meetings, brainstorming different ideas and getting the junior class involved,” Roca said. 

The Rockville Hilton has been the location for RM’s prom for many years. “We chose this location because of its proximity to where everyone lives [and] the number of students that are able to come since we are a larger school,” Mrs. Wheeler said. “And it’s close to where the post-prom will be taking place.”

All of the preparation is almost done, with prom taking place this Friday. “[It] feels great to help out with planning this huge event for RM,” Roca said.