Friendship, school pride motivate decision to play


RM Poms

Freshman Gabi Stephenson (right) and sophomore Leah Bulson (middle) watch the football game in anticipation of their performance.

Noah Stephenson

As a student-athlete, the decision to play a school sport is not one that is taken lightly. It requires a lot of commitment, dedication, relationship-building, and hard work. In this article, I talked to three student-athletes who have made the decision to play their school sport and talked to them about why they made that choice.

Jackson Jones, a senior, chose to play basketball because he loves the sport and the adrenaline rush it gives him. “There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting a big shot or making a great play on defense. Basketball is also a way for me to stay in shape and work on my skills,” Jones said. He also enjoys the social aspect of basketball and the friendships he has formed with his teammates.

Gabi Stephenson, a freshman, joined the poms team because she loves dancing and performing. “I’ve been dancing since I was about three years old, and being a part of the poms team is a way for me to continue doing what I love while also representing my school,” Stephenson said.

For Stephenson, being on the poms team is also a way to make new friends and become more involved in school activities. “As a freshman, it can be scary to come into a new school, but being on the poms team has helped me feel more connected to my school,” Stephenson said.

She finds the experience of being on the poms team to be incredibly rewarding, despite the long hours of practice and hard work required. Stephenson said, “It’s a great feeling being able to perform in front of a crowd and know that all of your hard work has paid off.” 

Anthony Le, a senior, recently started playing football but has found a new passion for the game. For him, playing football for his school is a way to stay involved and experience all of the ups and downs that come with playing team sports. “Playing football is a way for me to meet new people and be a part of something bigger than myself,” Le said.

These three student-athletes chose to play their school sport for a variety of reasons, from a love of the sport to a desire to just be a part of a team. Whatever their reasons may be, they all share a passion for their sport and a commitment to representing their school to the best of their abilities. Their dedication and hard work serve as an inspiration to their peers and a testament to the importance of sports in the lives of students.