Coach Coates named RM head football coach


Noah Stephenson

Rockets look ahead to next season with new coach.

Amanda Gershoni

Former Richard Montgomery defensive coordinator and special education teacher Nichalos Coates has been named the new head coach for the RM football team. He helped lead the team last year and shared his knowledge of the game which resonated within players and other coaches.

 The game of football is precise and requires a driven coaching staff to succeed. Talk to any football player on the 2022-23 team, they will agree that Coates is the man. Even though he was only in charge of the defense, his awareness and knowledge of the game is spread around both sides of the ball. His persistence, ability and mentality seals the deal. As he heads into his new position of head coach, players are ramped up for a new start and hopeful for a successful season. 

Around the hallways, the buzz around finding a head coach for the football team was exciting yet people had their eyes set on one man in particular, Coates. There must be something so special about him. “Coates is a great coach who understands the game very well,” sophomore receiver Khalil Wilson said. “I think it is a step forward for the football program at RM.” 

From the beginning, Coates’s love for the game was truly unmatched. “I love all the life lessons and growth that football can provide young athletes. I have gained so many things from playing football in my lifetime and I value giving back those similar experiences to the best of my ability,” Coates said. 

 “I think he is a very good fit to be the new head coach, the team has a lot of trust in his abilities to get the win,” sophomore cornerback Damarien Frazier said. Impacting a program is not as easy as it seems. Fanbases, ability, skill, and the players performing to the best of their ability, there is a lot riding on this program. Especially a program looking to rebuild after two seasons with losing records. Yet Coates has been brought to the table to show his love for the game and what he’s all about.  “I can impact this program with empathy and consistency. I understand the day-to-day grind and the ups and downs that come with being a part of the football program,” Coates said. “ As a player and a coach, the most important thing is to be consistent in your approach and the standards you uphold.” Coates’s players have confidence in him that he can get the job done as well. “I believe it will be the turn around that this program has needed,” Wilson said. 

As the upcoming football season is rolling around, “I am most excited to see the growth of the young players from last season on and off the field,” Coates said. He really does care for his players and their capability to improve to the next level. “I am super excited that Coates is the new head coach and am excited to see what he can bring to this team,” Wilson said.