Winter bucket list to attempt this March

Presents are often gifted and received during the holiday season.

Graphic by Kenneth Shue

Presents are often gifted and received during the holiday season.

Madeline Springer, Features Writer

The temperatures dip below the freezing mark, frosty wind stains cheeks and noses pink, the trees bare their branches… It’s winter and students across Richard Montgomery are taking advantage of the season by participating in their favorite winter activities. While we have not gotten a significant amount of snow yet, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

Some students prefer to stay inside and keep warm. “My brother makes fires in our living room and it’s so comfy. When we were little we would roast marshmallows for s’mores,” junior Grace Wade said.

While humans don’t hibernate, considering the frigid temperatures outside, sometimes it’s best to stay under the covers in your own bed. “In the winter I just want to sleep…a lot,” junior Brenda Mendoza said.

Christmas is the epitome of winter — a culmination of the scenery and spirit which can be perfectly captured in Christmas movies. “I love the snow, but my favorite winter activity is watching Christmas movies,” junior Anya Precil said. “I keep watching them even after the holidays.”

Other students prefer to make the most of the chilly weather by going out. “I go snowboarding in the winter,” freshman Josie Nguyen said. “My family and I also have a tradition of going on a ski trip every winter. My parents created the tradition six years ago and we’ve been going ever since.”

Mendoza’s family also has a winter tradition. “My family and I eat this sandwich every winter. It’s like chicken and vegetables like tomato and radish. It’s called Panes Con Pollo,” he said. 

However, there are also a lot of winter activities that students haven’t gotten the chance to try yet. “I want to create a giant snowman,” junior Andy Orellana said, “There’s never been enough snow to do it.”

It seems like snow is required for much of the winter fun students want to have. “I want to build a successful igloo,” Mendoza said. “I’d build a bed and furniture inside and just sit in there for hours, but it’s hard to keep igloos standing and they take so much snow.”

However, despite all the activities exclusively available during winter, students have mixed opinions on the season. 

Some don’t enjoy the cold at all. “Winter’s my least favorite season. I don’t like wearing a heavy jacket; it just makes me feel stuck,” Precil said, “Hate the cold, love the snow.”

Others thrive during the season. “Winter is amazing because I get to snowboard and because of Christmas,” Ngyuen said. “I don’t understand why people don’t like it.”

It’s a personal choice and when compared to summer, some students believe winter has many perks. “Winter is my favorite season because it snows and it’s a time when you get to drink hot chocolate. There’s no sweating and there are no bugs!” Mendoza said.

Despite everyone’s opinions, winter comes each year like clockwork. Whether you like the season or hate it, it’s smart to make the best of it. 

RM students have some recommendations for winter activities. “I recommend trying skiing, or snowball fights. [They’re] super fun if you have them with your friends,” Precil said.

Snow can evoke memories of childhood.“There are so many things you can make with snow,” Mendoza said. “I’ve made a slide to slide down. You just grab a bunch of snow and make a hill out of it. The bigger the hill, the faster you go.”

Both Orellana and Nguyen recommend trying snowboarding. “It’s not as hard as you would think,” Ngyuen said. “I think everyone should try it once. It is the best winter activity after all.”