Davenport steps up big for Rockets basketball



RM’s newest addition to the boys varisty basketball team, Anthony Davenport, jumps for a ball during a game.

Noah Stephenson

Anthony Davenport, a 6 ‘9 forward, transferred from St. John’s College High School to RM to join the basketball team. The move was a big one for Davenport, mainly because it was a mid-season decision, but he was excited about the opportunity to play with a new team and help them win.

“I’m just excited to be here and continue to help this team win,” Davenport said.

The transition to his new team wasn’t as difficult as it could’ve been, as he already knew a few of the players on the team. “I already knew a few of the players on the team so that made the transition pretty easy for me,” Davenport said.

The Richard Montgomery Rockets are 7-5 through 12 games with four games left in the regular season after a couple of games having Davenport on the squad. With his size and skill, he quickly made an impact on the court and helped the Rockets win some crucial games against really good opponents including Wootton, a team that the Rockets had lost to narrowly in their last matchup.

With Davenport’s presence on the court, the Rockets are able to play more aggressive defense on the perimeter, knowing that they have a presence in the paint ready to help them out if they get beat off the dribble. He is a force to be reckoned with on defense, and his shooting ability from the perimeter opened up the offense for his teammates.

As the Rockets prepare for the playoffs, Davenport is focused on continuing to help his team win. He’s excited about the opportunity to compete at a high level and is determined to make the most of it. With his talent and determination, there’s no doubt that Davenport will be a key player for the Rockets in their playoff run.

“I feel like as we get closer to the playoffs, I’m only getting more comfortable with the team and our style, so I feel like we will be playing our best basketball at the right time,” Davenport said.