Photo of the Day: Space Force’s Lt. Gen. Armagno meets with RM WiSTEM

On Friday Jan. 21, the first female general officer and the highest-ranking woman in the Space Force met with students thanks to the efforts of RM’s chapter of WiSTEM (Women in STEM.) Lt. Gen. Nina M. Armagno described the Space Force as an “elite fighting force” created to protect and defend the space domain while supporting the other areas of defense from space. Officially signed into law in 2019, the Force is barely three years old and Armagno joked that “now we can walk, but still not form full sentences.” Brought up by two teachers, she was always encouraged to overcome challenges. The poster of Sally Rider taped up in her childhood bedroom gradually developed into reality as she studied diligently and entered the Air Force Academy. From there, she would earn two stars and eventually join the Space Force. To students considering this field, there is room for not only military but also civilian positions too, from engineers to cyber operators. No matter the path students embark on, Armagno encourages them to have a goal, dream big, work hard and get involved. “Believe in yourself-bring it to the workplace, to the capsule,” she said. “Bring confidence because you earned it and deserve it.”