‘Wednesday’ takes the world by storm

Marcela Ferrufino, Senior Arts Contributor

On Nov. 23, 2022, Netflix released “Wednesday,” starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, the daughter of the iconic Addams Family, a bizarre human family who live an unusual life. The show spans eight episodes and revolves around Wednesday’s arrival at Nevermore Academy, a school for supernaturals. While there, she tries to comprehend her psychic ability, solve an ongoing murder mystery, and maneuver complex relationships. “Wednesday” immediately hit #1 in Netflix’s Top Ten list, and still holds a place eight weeks later. It has 1.5 billion viewing hours and has been renewed for a highly anticipated second season, and I cannot wait. 

I absolutely loved “Wednesday,” and I think I can speak for many when I say that one of the main reasons why “Wednesday” is so loved is the character, Wednesday, herself. She is dark, strange, determined, witty, and incredibly hilarious. The way she is the only one in Nevermore Academy with black robes instead of blue already says so much about her character. I loved hearing her speak about the things she enjoys, like only going out at night and writing on her old typewriter, as well as watching her talk back to people who questioned her. Jenna Ortega did a phenomenal job portraying her, and I do not think anybody else could have done it as amazingly. 

Another reason why “Wednesday” is so loved is for the side characters that perfected the show, like Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers) and Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White). Enid is a werewolf who struggles to transform for the first time, and Xavier is a psychic artist who can animate his paintings through telekinesis. These two are friends of Wednesday and they go through a long journey in order to earn Wednesday’s affection and trust. Another honorable mention is Wednesday’s sidekick, Thing, a human hand that can move on its fingers. Though just a hand, Thing had a personality of its own, primarily a hilarious one. These characters were my favorite, and I loved watching the ups and downs of their friendship with Wednesday unravel on screen (as well as Xavier’s crush on Wednesday). 

The complex mystery in “Wednesday” makes the show even more enjoyable. People keep getting murdered, yet no one knows who or what is behind it. After a classmate accuses her of dooming Nevermore and is killed by a mysterious creature, Wednesday decides to find out. From the questionable acts of Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) to the shocking story of Joseph Crackstone (William Houston), not to mention the messy crime story of Wednesday’s parents, this show’s mystery will have you on your toes and clinging to find out who is behind everything in the end. 

Last but definitely not least, something that undoubtedly drew people into this show was Wednesday’s absolutely incredible dance moves at the Rave’N dance. This is what introduced me to Wednesday, as I saw everyone doing her dance on TikTok. It completely took over social media, and for a good reason. Jenna Ortega’s carefully choreographed dance is perfect for Wednesday’s character and went viral with Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary. Though a bit controversial because of Jenna’s COVID scandal, where she received backlash for choosing to do the dance scene while potentially having COVID, and even with Jenna’s proper regrets about the dance and what she wished she had done differently, there is no doubt that Wednesday’s dance is the most iconic part of the show. 

I did not expect to like “Wednesday” as much as I did, as it did not seem like my thing, and I was never really into The Addams Family. However, “Wednesday” will leave just about anyone who watches it aching for more, and millions will definitely be ready at their screens for the upcoming season two. It has turned out to be one of my favorite shows ever, and I would one hundred percent recommend it to the rest of the world that has yet to stumble upon the sensational Wednesday Addams.