RM Wrestling ‘pins’ it to win it


Cyrus Adams

RM senior Nathan Glasser wins his match against Gaithersburg.

Emma Tyser, Sports Writer

Entering the season with several reigning state champions, RM wrestling is building off that momentum coupled with the excitement of a new coach, as they begin their season. Coach Sid Caesar, also the current varsity girls lacrosse coach, has hit the mats as a coach for his first RM wrestling season. His fresh outlook on the inner workings of wrestling provides athletes of any type a welcoming and fitting spot on the team. 

With the lacrosse season not until the spring, Coach Caesar has turned to wrestling. For many athletes, wrestling builds character and teaches them how to overcome obstacles. However, with Coach Caesar’s way of coaching many find it different and surprising. Whether that is the team bonding experiences planned out, or the helpful and involved team managers aiding the team, this year will be an exciting year for the wrestling team. 

Wrestling at RM has always received less attention than other sports, garnering the title of a “behind the scenes” sport. But what makes it so special is that it is for everyone, ranging from students who have never seen a match before to RM’s reigning state wrestlers.

Because we have three teams (Varsity – Junior Varsity – Girls) and there are 14 different weight classes on each team, there is plenty of room for all student-athletes to become wrestlers,” said Coach Caesar. 

Since the team was previously a majority of seniors, there are a new set of fresh faces joining RM wrestling that bring new skills to the mat. It has become apparent to Coach Sid that this year’s team has exceptional talent. In their first two matches, both have resulted in victories for RM. The effort and hard work that the team has put in since day one has revealed how willing the students are to learn and be coached. Along with that, the athletes have been shown to be extremely valiant, in the sense that they will push through anything difficult that comes their way. 

We have a wide range of skill levels, from state champions to wrestlers so new, they have never seen a wrestling practice or a match,” Coach Caesar said. “That wonderful effort started on day one of practice. When they are on the mat during the match, the wrestlers can never ‘take a play off,’ take a break, or stop thinking for a second.”