NHS partners with Stepping Stones Shelter


Ashlee Argueta

The NHS holds their holiday drive on a table on Main Street on Monday, Dec. 19.

Ashlee Argueta

RM’s National Honor Society (NHS) partnered with Stepping Stones Shelter, an emergency shelter for homeless families, to host a holiday supply drive on Main Street that took place from Dec. 12 to Dec. 20.

“The presidents who planned the drive were enthusiastic about it. It was our first drive of the year and our first drive as a team, so naturally, we were all looking forward to it,” senior and NHS officer Gerald Onyedika said. “Our members were delighted to assist by donating items or volunteering their precious time both before school and during lunch to collect the items.”

The NHS had a list of urgent needs that they desired for donations. Members who brought snacks, juice boxes, toilet paper and baby wipes earned one credit for every two items; members who bought new pillows, laundry detergent, Swiffer Jet Sets or storage bins earned two credits for each item; those who brought new twin comforter sheets, toasters, pots, pans, brooms or dustpans earned three credits for each item. 

“It was truly a fulfilling experience to be able to organize this event alongside the other NHS leaders. It is all about creating a difference in our community, regardless of the size of the impact,” senior and NHS officer Paola Rojas said. “Knowing that the people at Stepping Stones Shelter will be able to endure this harsh winter season with the donations of kind-hearted people in our community is enough to warm anyone’s heart.”

The drive was originally set to take place Dec. 12-16 but it was extended to Monday, Dec. 19 and Tuesday, Dec. 20. Onyedika said. “Preliminary evidence suggests that we did a great job of meeting Stepping Stone’s needs,” Onyedika said. 

Rojas also believes that the drive was successful. “Our goal was to get as many donations as possible without a set number in mind. We have received a good number of donations,”  she said. 

The NHS may prepare for another fundraiser in the near future. “We are currently working on our literacy project, which will include various credit opportunities for NHS members and potentially some SSL opportunities for non-NHS members. More details will be revealed after the break,” Rojas said.