Navigating RM’s largest clubs


Photo courtesy of Claire Chen

The RM Dance Club poses for a photo before a performance.

Ashlee Argueta, News Writer

RM has kicked off their extracurriculars during the club fair that occurred on Sept. 22 and 23. Some clubs that stand out especially are the Rocket Helpers Club, Black Maskers, RM Dance Club (RMDC) and Bakeaway club.

The Rocket Helpers’ goal is to aid the Rockville community by all means possible.

Over its four years of existence, our club’s primary focus is to assist the homeless population within RM,” Rocket Helpers co-leader and senior Rayan Molkara said. In the past, the club has prepared food for local soup kitchens, held clothing drives and gifted our teachers with appreciation notes and presents.

The RM Dance Club teaches a variety of dance styles to its participants and provides performance opportunities both in and out of school. 

“We hold workshops, teach dances in hip-hop, jazz and k-pop, and prepare for performances including common grounds assemblies, pep rallies and international nights,” RM Dance Club President and senior Claire Chen said. 

The Black Maskers Drama Club puts on three drama productions a year. Students learn the aspects that go into a production, including being a part of the cast, backstage crews and other necessary jobs in putting on a show.

“We put on a fall and spring show, as well as the One Acts festival during the winter,” Senior and Black Maskers Publicity Crew Chief Aarushi Gupta said.

Members of RM Bakeaway both bake for fun and donate baked goods to their community.

“We do baked good donations, where club members can sign up to bake desserts for people in need and frontline health workers to sweeten their day. We’ve also partnered with other RM clubs for bake sales to raise money and support towards important causes,” Bakeaway President and junior Lilly Phillips said.

Students often find new hobbies and passions by joining school clubs. Many have tried new activities due to the wide range of clubs offered at RM.

“Clubs, in general, are a great way to find your passion, and we believe helping others is a big step for people and understandably so,” Molkara said. “But as [Rocket Helpers] progressed, we saw them leave their comfort zone and become more ambiguous.”

Similarly, the Black Maskers allow its members to work creatively and with similar-minded students to put on a great show for the community. 

“Depending on the crew you join, you gain different skills. In publicity, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to successfully advertise and paint physical banners in the set construction. You’ll also learn how to use powerful tools to build beautiful sets,” Gupta said.

The RM Dance Club provides a community for lovers of dance to share ideas, interests and have fun.

“Dance is an art that is a form of expression and a form of exercise. People interested or passionate about  dance are encouraged to join this community. You can participate by simply attending meetings and learning dances,” Chen said.

Bakeaway members gain skills in community service, new baking tips and tricks and practice baking a variety of unique desserts.

“RMBakeaway helps RM by uniting students with similar interests and making time for us to share our love of baking,” Phillips said.