Students want the SGA to improve


Meilani Wilson

RM’s SGA holds multiple charitable drives throughout the year.

Libby Cooke, News Writer

The SGA has worked with RM’s administration to host several events and fundraisers this year, such as Powderpuffs (RM’s female football team), Homecoming Hallways and the canned food drive. However, many students believe that the SGA could be doing more.

Student participation in these events varies. Officers have found that while some events—like Homecoming Hallways—can be full of student participation, most things organized by the SGA are not greatly contributed to. “Last year there was an agreed [upon] opinion with most of the grade that the SGA was, for the most part, unsuccessful. Unfortunately, I believe that the same opinion has inevitably carried over to the start of this year,” sophomore treasurer Shriyans Kalbhor said. 

Sophomore president Caroline Kaye attributes the lack of student participation in SGA events to students’ availability. Kaye says that the sophomore SGA is working to fix that. “We have tried to make the volume of events greater so that there are more opportunities in general to participate. The more events we have, the more chances the kids with busy schedules will have to participate. If you can’t go to one fundraiser we will plan one a few weeks later,” Kaye said.

This semester, the SGA is hosting the “Solstice Skating” event in Rockville Town Center. Students can gather to ice skate and drink hot chocolate. There will be a competition between all four grades to see which grade has the highest attendance. “We find that competitions always seem to increase participation,” Kalbhor said. 

Some students find that the SGA’s events reflect the student body, but want them to improve their communication with students. The SGA mainly uses Instagram to spread event information. “I think [they] should use different communication methods, especially as someone that doesn’t have Instagram. I feel like I miss information because I don’t know where else I would find [it],” junior Grace Finnegan said.

Officers are looking to communicate with students in a variety of ways in the future. “We try to utilize things like the morning announcements when we can. Hopefully we will soon have access to the Canvas Student page as well,” Kaye said.

They are also hoping to improve their fellow students’ opinions of the SGA. They plan on continuing to engage with students in several different ways for the rest of the year. “We will work hard to be seen as an effective and successful SGA,” Kalbhor said.