Season 5, Episode 2: Open Lunch at RM


Valerie Wang

The TidePod, which was started in early 2019, is currently in its sixth season. Graphic designed by Valerie Wang.

Open lunch is not offered at all high schools, but due to RM’s proximity to places like Rockville Town Center and Ritchie Center,  students are allowed to leave campus during lunch time. This option is very popular among the student body, as members of all grades enjoy going out to the various spots near RM during lunch. We spoke with students to learn more about their favorite places to visit, their recommendations, and why they enjoy open lunch. You can listen to the episode here. For more episodes, check out the TidePod on Spotify and Buzzsprout.


This episode of the TidePod was hosted by Kai Konka, Natalia Evans-Gibson, and Hannah Solomon. Written by Uma Patnaik, Humsa Tammera, Taiwo Balogun, and Hayal Ziku. Publicity and outreach by Natalia Evans-Gibson and Hannah Solomon. Graphic by Valerie Wang. Music courtesy of Corrigan Peters. Produced and edited by Uma Patnaik.