Photo of the Day: South Asian Student Association holds cultural fair

Seniors Maya Ramamurthi and Aarushi Gupta trace henna designs for the South Asian cultural fair on Friday, Nov. 4 in the parking lot during lunch. The event featured free food, music, dance performances, chalk drawings and cultural exhibits. A row of tables, run by students, were each dedicated to a different activity. Though the event was organized by the South Asian Student Association for the purpose of spreading and celebrating the club’s culture, performers and celebrators were not solely South Asian students. “My favorite part of this has been seeing all the people in their beautiful traditional clothes, and even non South Asians enjoying parts of our culture,” senior and club president Shayyan Ahmed said. “I think that it’s important that South Asian culture is out here, our food, our clothes, our sports, everything,” freshman Kaveesha Punchi, who presented a table on cricket in homage to her Sri Lankan heritage. “Figuring out food in this administration’s whole bureaucracy thing, that was a bit of a hassle,” Ahmed said, “But anyone who wants to do a cultural fair should definitely do it.”