Insight into the junior varsity teams at RM


Graphic by Julianne Cruz

Emma Tyser

The junior varsity (JV) teams are commonly known for being the “second-class team,” filled with underclassmen who are ready to lock into their sport. It only makes sense, being that the varsity teams are older and more experienced, therefore they receive more recognition. But the JV teams are the ones who are most important. Players on these teams think of the experience as a time of growth and development for their futures in the sport. 

The players can receive a more in-depth style of coaching. Meaning, they are there to be taught, not only to show off all their skills. Being on JV allows players to focus on themselves and take time to learn. Their time on the team is concentrated on how they play and how they will play in the future. It guides them in the direction of a better athletic future and helps them to discover what they want to pursue. 

Without playoff games to prepare for or college recruits to impress, players must work extra hard for themselves and the team. Both on and off the turf, players are working to improve themselves and their teams. Whether it is watching some game film on a day off, or extra fitness before a game, the teams are always hard at work.

“If our coach doesn’t think we are working hard enough, we do sprints at 100%…during the game day we give our entire warmups 100%,” freshman Paige Kaluzienski said. 

One of the goals of the JV teams is for players to be able to develop their skills with little pressure while enjoying their time on a high school-level team with new friends. With player development being the coach’s main priority, the coaches are focused on preparing their athletes for whatever the future may hold.  

“The coaches aren’t doing anything regarding varsity…the players that deserve to be on varsity so early are distinguished during tryouts so there’s no unnecessary pressure during the season,” Kaluzienski said. 

With the fall season-ending, JV team members are thinking about their next season, and where they will be. JV girl’s soccer paints the perfect picture of development. Among all the stress of entering high school, athletes find the team to be remarkably comforting. When entering a new school with new life-changing experiences, the coaches and returning players welcomed everyone with open arms.

“The team was nice, and they gave you tips on high school and which teachers were good or bad,” Kaluzienski said.