Students discontent with homecoming ticket sales


Hannah Lee

School Cash Online

Libby Cooke, News Writer

Tickets to the RM homecoming dance sold out on Oct. 19 after going on sale starting Oct. 11. Students had the option of either buying tickets in person or paying online on School Cash Online then redeeming them at school. Buying tickets in person was limited to certain days.

While many looked forward to the dance on Saturday, Oct. 22, which was held in the school building, some did not like the ticket process. “It wasn’t hard buying it online, except it was annoying to have to redeem it. Like why?” sophomore Kiana Alguard said. 

Much of the information concerning tickets was posted on RM’s SGA Instagram account a few days before sales started. Many students were unhappy with this method of communication, especially when the first day of buying tickets in-person kept changing. “No one told me [anything]. I only knew what to do because I have friends in SGA. I don’t know what people are doing about the tickets if they aren’t friends with people involved,” sophomore Julie Schwieters said. 

Students had the option of bringing a guest from another school. They had to fill out a form found on the bulletin board next to the counseling office. “The process of getting a guest to come is difficult. It was really dumb [that] you could only buy a single ticket online,” Schwieters said. 

Some students’ main issue was with the price. The tickets cost $30, and students were expected to donate a can of food. In response, some started a petition for a lowered cost. “It’s ridiculous how much it is, compared to other schools,” sophomore Lauren Gotting said. 

Rockville and Wootton High Schools’ tickets cost $20, while Paint Branch High School’s cost $27. 

Despite these concerns, many students attended the dance, and tickets sold out Wednesday, Oct. 20. “The process [of getting the ticket] was easy, but it’s too expensive. I’m looking forward to going though,” junior Lily Kerchner said.