Local art exhibitions to visit this fall


Photo by Claire Xu

Glenstone Museum, located in Potomac, Maryland, is known for its extensive collection of modern art.

Ashna Verma, Arts Writer

Although there are many local art exhibitions you should see this fall, there are a handful that should be at the top of your list. Each exhibit features a creative medium with its own unique touch.

RM art teacher Katherine Stanton recommended a few exhibits for visitors to enjoy this fall. “There’s beautiful art exhibits everywhere,” said Mrs. Stanton.

The Hirshhorn in Washington, D.C., Stanton’s first recommendation, has quite the range of art on display. One of the current exhibits is Yayoi Kusama’s One With Eternity collection. This collection features two of Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms, which create the illusion of a never ending room. “And because the mirrors reflect infinite, it becomes this whole space that you’ve entered into that’s really cool,” Stanton said. Besides the Mirror Rooms, there are also many sculptures and paintings on display. The museum has a unique variety of pieces and mediums to capture the viewer’s imagination, a literal reflection of their visual experiences.

The National Gallery of Art in D.C. is a widely acclaimed museum that is home to many rare and beautiful pieces. One exhibit on display is Sargent and Spain. Featuring watercolors, oils and drawings, Sargent and Spain is a unique and rare exhibit that reveals John Singer Sargent’s acknowledgement of the country and its exceptional culture. Sargent was an American artist who created roughly 900 oil paintings and more than 2,000 watercolors. Along with the artwork, the exhibit also features unpublished photographs following Sargent and his travels. This exhibit is on display until January 2, 2023 which gives visitors plenty of time to stop by and experience the exhibit for themselves. 

The Portrait Gallery in D.C. showcases portraits of people who have made a significant impact on the United States. The art tells stories and brings history to light. The gallery features record-breaking athletes like Serena and Venus Williams, along with presidential figures like Abraham Lincoln who have inspired generations. The Portrait Gallery is a great way to connect with people and history, past and present. 

Fashion is a great method of personal expression. Especially in the fall, these unique exhibits will surely be memorable. 

The George Washington University (GWU) Museum has exhibitions specifically dedicated to textiles and fashion. The GWU Museum has exhibitions ranging from Korean fashion to textile galleries. For many people, fashion may not be the first thing that pops into mind when thinking of art, but it has a larger impact than people may think. 

The Textile 101 Gallery is an interactive gallery that introduces viewers to how textiles are made. Clothes and carpets are two examples of textiles that are explored. This exhibit allows visitors to explore textiles from ancient times all the way up to today and allows them to have a very hands-on experience.

The exhibit, Korean Fashion: From Royal Court to Runway dives into how innovations in Korea’s fashion and other arts have impacted where it is today when it comes to fashion and creativity. The exhibition dives into the incredible transformation and evolution of Korean fashion over the years.

“I’d be interested in seeing more fashion art exhibits,” freshman Rihanna Pabai said, “there’s not a lot of fashion creators in this area that I know of.”

Another nearby art gallery is the Glenstone Museum. This museum mixes art, nature, and architecture to create a moving experience. One of the artists on view at Glenstone is Arthur Jafa, who uses multiple mediums like photography, sculpture and film to create stunning montages about the beauty, creativity and imagination in his life.

“It’s always more exciting to see [art] in person than it is to see it on the screen or in a book,” Stanton said.