Launching Into The School Year!


Teacher Advice for the School Year

School’s back in session, which means it’s time for students to switch back into academic gear. RM’s Teachers are here to advise students on ways to be successful this year!

Spanish Teacher Jason Colchao recommends that foreign language students fully immerse themselves in the language they are studying. “Get completely involved with the language, start hanging out with Spanish speakers, make friends that are Spanish speakers, and if your parents have the money to, travel to those Spanish-speaking countries,” Mr. Colchao said.

AP US History teacher Peter Beach emphasizes the value of working hard while also having fun. “Join some clubs, you will remember your experiences and everything outside of school more than your classes,” said Mr. Beach. He also thinks it is important to find a balance in your schoolwork and avoid becoming overwhelmed, which is why he advises against taking too many AP classes. 

Spirit at RM

School spirit among RM students is on display at the sports games through the themes, loud chants, the banging pots and pans of Hell’s Kitchen, and the passion on the field. The majority of the spirit that fills the stands at sports games is led by seniors. Spirit groups like Hell’s Kitchen and Juice Crew encourage crowd participation and chants to motivate the players on the field at sports games.

At the beginning of the year, students are welcomed into the building by the Poms and Cheerleading team led by the rhythm of the Marching Band’s drum line. Throughout the year, RM has several pep rallies where students can display their school spirit through fun competitions. Additionally, students in the senior class perform a dance at one of the pep rallies, known as Boms. 

Clubs at RM

The clubs at RM are an essential component of the school’s culture. The variety of club options caters to the interests of people from many different backgrounds and interests, to celebrate and promote these differences among students. 

Many students can agree that the impact that joining clubs has had on their social and everyday lives has been very beneficial. “I definitely made so many of my friends […], so many connections, through clubs. Especially friends with people I wouldn’t have classes with, or know otherwise,” junior Victoria Dziasek said. 

Students should try to join clubs that they genuinely like or find interesting. “Sometimes you’ll hear [something] like, ‘Join as many clubs as possible [or] as you can.’ Don’t do that. Just find […] clubs that you think you can connect with, that’ll have groups of people that you’ll connect with.” said Dziasek.

RM’s Open Lunch

At RM, students have the privilege of an open lunch. Luckily, for students who can’t drive, there are many restaurants within walking distance of RM. 

Students are offered a large variety of cuisine near RM. Ranging from Asian food to Hispanic food, and much more, students can easily find something to their taste. Just some of the restaurants around school include, Ding Tea, Panera Bread, Potbelly, California Tortilla, and OM.  “I think it’s very diverse,” junior Marlene Orantes said. 

Students enjoy being able to leave campus for many reasons. “It’s a mental refresh,” freshman Nimrita Bawa said. Being able to walk around outside with friends gives students the break they need to productively continue their school day.