Photo Essay: Seniors acclimate to their last first week of school

Helina Tamiru and Maggie Orcev

As MCPS tightens their phone and attendance policies, more and more students are coming on time to class and are putting more effort into connecting with others. Teachers are also implementing more collaborative work to give students that opportunity to talk and work with friends, something that was missed in the past two years. Ms Adams 7th period Honors Anatomy and Physiology class broke into teams to draw out life sized human bodies. “We even got to trace each other. It was really funny and made labeling everything less boring,” senior Ivana Haynes said.
At 6th period, senior rockets get seated for their AP Calculus BC class. “For me and a lot of other seniors, this is our last high school math class ever,” senior Anya Tahi said. “So I’m just trying to remind myself to enjoy it while it lasts.”
Senior athletes are no strangers to balancing work and school, but some are struggling to get back into the swing of things. Senior Davanee Mcnairy is the girls field hockey captain at RM and is seen walking into practice, tired after a long day of school. “Summer pre season is way different from the real season in the fall. During the summer, the only focus is field hockey, but school adds in a whole list of new stressors. It just takes time to get used to it again,” Mcnairy said.
Senior cars, many decorated with bright paints to celebrate senior year, all exit the parking lot after school. “It’s a lot more crowded since there aren’t that many parking spaces this year,” senior Kelsey Lee said. The number of student parking spots have been cut down from 52 to 30 to make space for new portables.