Senior Reflection: Emily Pham

Emily Pham


Like most of my work in high school, this document has been sitting open on my computer, blank for about a week. I struggled to put down something, unsure if it would really be helpful to you all reading this. At freshman orientation, when we were told, “These next four years will go by in the blink of an eye,” they were not lying. So I’m here to provide you with sincere advice I wish I could have heard throughout my 4 years in high school.



Get involved! Try out for that sport you’ve been considering, join a few clubs, volunteer—now is your time to find activities that interest you that you could potentially participate in for the rest of your high school career. At the same time, don’t stress yourself out. You have so much time to figure out your future, so honestly just enjoy the time you have now taking easier classes and making new friends.



Step out of your comfort zone! Sign up for a new AP class, start or join a club, or make a new friend. By now I’m sure you’re comfortable with the school environment, but trying new things is always beneficial even though it seems intimidating at first. 



As you’ve probably heard endless times, this will most likely be your hardest year. With that being said, don’t overwork yourself. You are more than a test score. Even though it may feel like it sometimes, your life doesn’t revolve around your SAT score, your AP Gov exam score, or what grade you got on that statistics quiz. Speaking from experience and being part of a competitive community, I know it is so hard to not compare yourself to other people. Everyone is on a different path with different goals so someone else’s successes are not the absence of your own. Keep up with your studying, I promise you it’s worth it. Just don’t work more than you live. P.S. Start that common app during the summer! It will save you a lot of stress and you’ll thank yourself for that in November.



You’ve made it. Your final year of high school. This year will consist of so many emotions, events, failures, and triumphs. It is not going to be the laid back year you’ve been expecting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the most enjoyable year, too. Trust the timing of your life, just because you’re taking smaller steps than someone else doesn’t mean you’re not onto something great, too.


And finally, to everyone: 

Take a look around you and appreciate it—nothing will be the same in a year. Throughout all of it, always remember to take care of yourself and look out for each other. Everything will work out.